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Magical New Beginnings & A Gorgeous Giveaway!
We wanted to celebrate the upcoming launch of Indigena with a giveaway that is special and inspired by aurora borealis. We've lovingly made some of our new and cult fav products for you along with a pair of made to order Heidi Dixon beaded Aurora earrings,  some Third Place Tonic to mix with our favourite gin, Ungava from Lisa's favourite travel destination, Quebec. 

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Staff Reviews and Why We Love Indigenous Botanicals!

"Since working at Indigena my skin has never looked better. Learning about our indigenous ingredients and using them in all our formulas is our secret to success. I like the fact that the products are super quick and easy to use. As a wife and mother of two I don't want a skincare routine to be complicated or long"

Chelsey - Production Lead 

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Celebrating Women Worldwide

I believe the power of positivity, consistency, education and visualization can change your reality. I am the dreamer. I am not saying it is going to be easy everyday or quick but with dedication and purpose you can do whatever you want. Write down your plans and visit them weekly to reflect and adjust, you can do it! That is my secret and it works. I am so happy to see more women dream and achieve in this world. Wishing you many possibilities for your dreams and goals.

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