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12 Tips to Banish Acne!

Acne is not a welcome friend on the face or body. Here is Lisa's list for fighting this skin disorder with success.

1 Do not touch your face! This prevents breakouts and bonus...colds and flus

2 Change your pillow case daily ( use a fragrance free detergent or make your own)

3 Eat 1/2 cup of blueberries daily. 

4 Use SLS free and fragrance free shampoo and conditioner. Cut down or stop using chemically based hair products too the residue eventually ends up on your skin.,

5 Wash your make up off nightly with an old fashioned facecloth and a soapy cleanser

6 Reduce sugar intake, skip the processed foods. 

7 Increase water intake, skip the sodas. 

8 Eat good fats, avocado, grapeseed or olive are great.

9 Exercise it gives your skin a healthy happy glow.

10 Sleep more (put your phone in another room, put it on airplane mode or whatever it takes to maintain a sleep routine)

11 Drink more homemade soups and eat more raw veggies.

12 Keep it simple, your skincare routine should be quick and easy. Cleanse, tone and hydrate 5 days a week, cleanse tone exfoliate,  masque and hydrate 2 times a week Throw out outdated skincare, get rid of items that do not work. For Lisa her favourite days to masque and exfoliate are Thursday and Sunday. Head into the weekend looking great and Sunday is a great day for some well earned self care time. 




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