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So you've made it to our blog! If you're new, welcome! If you've followed our old blog we hope that you like our new look! I'll start by telling you a little bit about who we are and why you should check us out! First off, Indigena is a Newfoundland skincare company founded by Lisa Walsh. After years of working in the beauty industry and being frustrated by the lack of natural skincare products available, Lisa decided to create something that people could feel good using. With a focus on local and naturally derived ingredients Indigena was born. We have everything from shampoo to tattoo balm, all made with natural, organic ingredients and a great respect for the environment. You can see our full product line at What started as a small, local business has grown much bigger than we could ever have anticipated. Indigena has been featured at the Grammys, Golden Globes,Academy Awards, and most recently at a Beauty Press event in New York City which featured magazine editors from Cosmopolitan and Allure, just to name a few. We love creating a product that loves the environment and the people who use it, with easy to understand ingredients that take the guess work out of deciding if something is safe to use on sensitive skin, while pregnant, or even on newborns. To us leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just what we eat. Its what you put on your skin everyday, what you use to clean your home, keeping yourself active and last but not least being happy. This blog will touch on all the things we do to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. It will be filled with recipes, DIY ideas- because who doesn't love a good DIY, beauty tips, fitness routines and the list goes on! Basically anything we can't stop talking about or loved doing, you'll be sure to hear about! We hope you will join us and enjoy :)     draft _21899991_10152403722853054_1676168445_n

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