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Skin care: The dynamic duo

The Labrador Tea Face Crème and the Botanical Facial serum, joining forces to hydrate and even out the skin tone unlike any other duo I’ve tried. I have been using these products on rotation for quite some time now but it was only last month that i thought to combine the two. 1149118_10152410061073054_1059165688_o February_01_2014--028_1024x1024 The Botanical Facial serum, which is a lightweight oil, that I either apply on it’s own or under a night cream and leave it to sink in and work its magic overnight. It somehow manages to hydrate the skin whilst decreasing redness and in general making things appear brighter. The Labrador Tea Face Crème is a very effective night crème that is full of luxuriant hydrating ingredients to help replenish the skin with moisture. Despite being designed for dry skin types it worked amazingly on my combination skin, t-zone was less greasy and dry patches were significantly reduced. All in all balancing everything out making my makeup last longer on my skin as a result. Another big winner! When my skin is need of some serious hydration, I combine the two. After using the combination for the first time and stumbling out of bed the next morning to go give my skin some good scrutiny in the mirror, I smiled. I actually smiled AT my skin. My skin tone looked much more even and calm, less red and best of all- super hydrated. It was pretty spectacular. I now use this combination at least once a week. Using a serum in your skin care routine not only helps brightens your complexion but it also improves the absorption of your moisturizer. So apply a serum to your clean, dry face, wait three to five minutes till it's absorbed, and then put on your moisturizer! Your skin will thank you in the morning! What are your overnight skin treats? xo Kimberley

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