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Ways to Avoid Toxins this Summer

Hey everyone! This may seem like a strange post, but toxins are everywhere, from our sunscreen to our favourite snacks. What can we do to avoid them? A lot actually, and its easier than you think. 1. Shop Local

farmers-market-peppers2Summer is such a great time of year. The heat makes everyone slow down and become a little more care free.  It's the perfect time to create a new Saturday routine, hitting up your local farmers market. There's no better place to buy fresh flowers, produce and baked goods. The bonus is that most vegetables from local farmers haven't been exposed to harsh pesticides. You can often find everything from fresh veggies to fruits!

2. Wash Your Fruits & Veggies fruit-being-washed-1 This may seem common sense but many times we are so busy that we forget to wash our berries before digging in. It only takes a couple minutes and not only removes dirt but pesticides as well. This is especially important if you have kiddos, they ingest far higher levels of pesticides than we do because of their size. Here's an easy recipe for fruit and veggie wash you can make from things in your cupboard: 3 parts water 1 part vinegar Combine in a spray bottle. Spray fruits and veggies ( avoid mushrooms because of their porous nature) let sit 2-3 minutes then rinse. It's that simple! 3. Open Your Windows Plants in a Window --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis Do you know that the air in our homes is far more toxic than the air outside? This is due in large to much of our furniture being made from particle board rather than solid wood, many couches were sprayed with fire retardant solution (which has now been banned) , even our mattresses emit gasses, known as "off Gassing". These chemicals then sit in dust particles around your home. So dusting is very important, but the simple act of opening your windows and letting the fresh air in really makes a world of difference, and it feels and smells great! 4. Check Your Sunscreen sunscreen-cancer-ftr Sunscreen is one of the most important products you need during the summer. The suns rays are so damaging to our skin, cancer is on the rise so its only smart to lather on the SPF and throw on a hat. One downfall is that many of the sunscreens you find at the drug store are laden with chemicals. Our skin is our biggest organ and many of the ingredients which we put on our skin ends up in our blood stream. It's super important to ask your pharmacist what sunscreen is the best option for you. I love Indigena's Sun Goddess sunscreen. It's a chemical free, physical sunscreen which is non chalky and has an SPF of 20. It's available this Friday at . 5. Leave Your Shoes at the Door getty_rf_photo_of_woman_with_shoes Us East Coasters have pretty much perfected this already, but in the summer it may be more tempting to walk through the house in your sandals, especially if they're strappy. What we don't think about is all the yucky stuff that were dragging in the door on our seemingly clean soles, things like chemicals, pesticides, even dog poop! Leave that at the front door where it belongs, not in your lovely living room. 6. Ditch The Store Bought Bug Spray Insect Repellent is another unnecessary chemical cocktail that we spray all over ourselves, and our little babies! Deet (the main ingredient in most sprays) is known to cause rashes, blisters, and even worse, has been linked to neurological problems in children. And the smell! I hate mosquitos as much as the next girl, but walking around smelling like a bottle of bug spray? I think I'd rather a few bites. Here is a natural, effective option which is chemical free :) Lemongrass or Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Distilled Water Pour distilled (or boiled) water into 8 oz spray bottle until half full. Fill bottle with Witch Hazel. Then add 30 drops of your choice of essential oil. Voila! You have a bug spray that doesn't stink, and that will keep the flies away in a  healthy way, for you and our environment. I hope you will follow some of these tips to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and avoid as many unnecessary toxins as possible! Summer is a time for fun, not worry, so remember how simple some of these things are to do! What's your favorite thing about summer? Mine has to be feeling the cool breeze through my bedroom window at night, definitely makes for the best sleep ever :) XO Jasmin

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