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Summer DIY Inspiration

Every summer I find myself itching to do some things around the house. Whether it's something simple like organizing my closet, or prettying up my backyard , the list seems endless! Here are some things I'm dying to do at the moment! 1. Organize my garage While this may not sound exciting, just looking at these photos from the lifestyle blog makes me want to start painting!  2. Makeover my laundry room The laundry room is one of the most overlooked rooms in most homes, but not in this case! f30cdf0bdc0b19f3a04393dca2b87d6c 4.  Bring some plants into my home This is at the top of my to do list: 3fefe22e9b7535c0d1cba7e4025938b2 I also would love to have my own herb garden 8a218a5e1b04d0893c041fbee34bab1e 5. I'd really like to fancy up my front door and I'm loving this blue color! f8505c2fa49c9100523da22ad97a1a0c 6. Wind chimes add such a sweet touch to any porch, this is a cute DIY using household items that the kiddos would love! 599e04f7f076edf74d8bdb1237c63a17 7. Beautify my backyard Who doesn't want their own backyard oasis? These photos are some major inspiration 0f7a04de77bdeb2a40e452f25e8d4086 1e9135e54470a78189e4f0251bf81c2e 5353b356665e9eae1e195032026240b250b63e2df69626d76e42eaa97c5115e0 I hope these photos will get you in the mood to start some of your own home improvement projects! What's on your summer to-do list? XO Jasmin * Photos are from Pinterest

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