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Caring for your natural skincare products

We always get asked the same questions by our customers, especially those who are just making the switch to organic and natural skin care. So we thought it would be beneficial to address them here on the blog! 1/ Why does the latest product I’ve received seem different to what I’ve had before? Due to Mother Nature’s atmosphere and the natural handmade nature of our products, consistency may vary. The colour, fragrance or texture of our products may occasionally vary due to the high level of natural ingredients they contain. These natural variations do not in any way affect the quality or efficacy of the product. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products, working with expert formulators and always looking for new and effective ingredients. We also listen to your feedback, and if we can improve a product then we will do so. Not everybody will like every change that we make, but we do our best. 10536614_10152703738463054_8470120920312452194_o 2/ How do I take care of fresh natural skincare products to optimize their longevity? Fresh natural and/or organic beauty and skin care products are inherently sustainability oriented, and may require a little more TLC to maximize their shelf life; however, it is neither difficult nor time consuming. We feel the benefits are well worth it, and are confident you will too! Most organic beauty and skin care products with natural preservatives have an average shelf life of one year, however its long-term efficacy ultimately depends on its ingredients, packaging and storage. Factors such as sunlight, heat and humidity may also cause degradation, destroying the vitamin and nutrient rich ingredients in the oils and butters. There are a couple of things that are important to remember when using and preserving fresh natural skincare products:
  • Don't ignore the shelf life of your products. Without chemical preservatives, like parabens, the shelf life of your natural beauty products shortens. Every product has a specific shelf life displayed on each product page on our website. Tip: Try labelling your products by writing the day that you opened them somewhere on the bottle!
  • Climate Control. Products should not be exposed to extreme heat, cold, or temperature changes and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Products should be kept in a cool, dry place. Bathrooms are not usually ideal locations for product storage, because the temperature and humidity levels there change frequently.
  • Usage. We recommend the use of sterile disposable, plastic spatulas or swabs with all creams packaged in jars - rather than fingers - to remove the product form the jar in order to decrease the potential introduction of bacteria from the fingertips into the product.
  • Post-Usage. Tightly cap or close the lid on your containers when you're done using it. Bottle tops should be fully closed when storing product or between applications.
That’s all! What do you think, easy enough? We think so and know you will too! We want you to enjoy and benefit to the utmost from your Indigena products. If you should ever have any questions about any product or their use, please do not hesitate to call us. It is always our pleasure to help you however we can. xo Kimberley

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One thought on “Caring for your natural skincare products

  1. avatar Dale says:

    Thanks! Love your products. I had a small bottle of pink, fragranced shampoo of yours on the beach. When I looked for it the next day, I couldn’t see it: it had lost its colour completely! (It still washed my hair!) Isn’t that interesting? Thanks for your natural products!!

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