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Facial Masque: How- To

Hey everyone! We get tons of questions from people wondering how to use our face masques. We have two types; Sea Veggie Face Masque and Blueberry Bliss Face Masque. Each are completely different, offering distinct, yet equally amazing results. First, we'll begin with our Sea Veggie Face Masque.

seavegThis is a detoxifying masque which is composed of 100% pure seaweed, which naturally removes toxins from skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. This is a great treatment before a special event, especially if you are feeling tired and puffy in the eye area.

This is our trickiest masque to use, but once you get the hang of it its super easy! First spritz Sea Mineral Mist (Our aloe based toner) into the palm of your hand, you will need about 4 pumps of product. Then, using a spoon shake about 1/4 a teaspoon of the powdered masque into the toner. Stir until it creates a green paste, if its lumpy it means you added too much powder. For an even creamier masque you can add one pump of White Tea or Rooibos Tea cleanser. Apply evenly all over face, misting with Sea Mineral Mist every 5 minutes or so to ensure that the masque doesn't harden. After 20 minutes gently remove the masque, tone and moisturize skin. I love using Labrador Tea Crème after this treatment, take your time and gently massage your face with your cream for a spa like experience. IMG_8870   Second, is our Blueberry Bliss Face Masque.10563083_10152740584978054_4860158328264235037_n This is a purifying masque which draws toxins out of your skin, perfect for anyone dealing with blemishes or an oily T-Zone. This treatment removes impurities that can leave your complexion looking flat or dull, it exfoliates and stimulates circulation to reveal a fresh, translucent complexion. For this masque, use one pump of cleanser of your choice, along with one spritz of Sea Mineral Mist, then sprinkle in about 1/3 tsp. of powder. Apply evenly over skin and leave for 20 minutes, spritzing with Sea Mineral Mist to keep your masque moist. After 20 minutes wet hands and gently rub the masque off in a circular motion. Once the masque is off tone skin and massage with your choice of facial lotion. 1R7A7964 (2) I love both of these masques, and use each regularly. Sunday evenings are normally my "spa night". I take a bath, and sprinkle in our Blueberry Sea Salt Soak, it smells amazing and softens skin. Then I exfoliate (if I use the Sea Veggie Masque, skip this step for your face if using the Blue Berry Bliss), apply my masque and relax while the product does its magic! I hope you will take the time and pamper yourself this week, you deserve it! XO Jasmin

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