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A minimalist approach to beauty

IMG_9747Applying makeup for a special occasion has a certain quality; personally I love it. However, feeling like I have to apply it, hmmm....well that I don’t like. If this is how it is for you, it is a definite sign your skincare isn’t working. We have very subtly been led to believe that skincare can only do so much and to some extent, this is true. However, if your skincare products are not improving your skin day by day, they simply don’t make the cut in my book. You will notice that my beauty regimen is extremely simple!  I am definitely not one of those girls who won't leave the house without a face of makeup on. In fact, my beauty routine is about as pared down as it gets... Mornings Are Low Maintenance I wash my face in the morning with water and the touch of my hands. Simple enough? I find with your hands, you know how much pressure you’re using, but with cloths and such, you can be too rough. Makeup-wise, I keep it light: some tinted moisturizer, cheek stain, mascara, followed by transparent lip balm. Spritz It Up in the Afternoon Since midday makeup touch-ups aren’t really my thing, I use the Sea Mineral Mist to freshen up my face instead. I throw a travel-sized mist in my bag to give my face a couple spritzes throughout the day. It has a refreshing, barely there scent. This 100% aloe based product helps promote circulation to revive your complexion. Go to Bed Bare Faced Every night I remove my makeup with a creamy cleanser (Rooibos Tea Cleanser). Extremely gentle, the solution doesn’t even bother my very sensitive skin. After gently drying the skin I apply the Botanical Bliss Facial Serum or the Labrador Face Creme over my entire face (I alternate back and forth between the two, but sometimes I use both for an intense hydration!) Lastly, I drink a cup of water before going to bed. When I have some extra time, I exfoliate with Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, a fine sugar scrub with blueberry seeds and sweet orange essential oil to scrub off dead skin. Make Time for Trés Special Treatments Once or twice a week, I make time for some extra beauty TLC. After exfoliating, I like to use a soothing mask like the Sea Veggie Facial Masque, which I slather on during a lazy evening in. Over the course of 10 to 15 minutes, the mask absorbs into skin to leave your face smooth and supple. To save time, I usually apply a hair mask at the same time, so I used Nourishing Hair Masque, which gave my dried-out ends some much-needed hydration. The Verdict Simple is more! A skincare routine should be simple yet effective. xo Kimberley

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