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Beauty talk: facial masks

A face mask can elevate your skin from good to great. While many of us relegate applying a face mask to something we do hardly ever, we actually need to use masks—and use them often—no matter our skin type. Masks are an extremely important part of our skincare routine because they’re a concentrated version of a product that contains way more active ingredients than others. Do you need a face mask?  One of the best ways to target many skin issues (think fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, rosacea, oily skin and even blemished skin) is with a face mask. Facial masks treat your particular skin type or condition. The key is finding the right face mask for you and your skin. For dry skin, a mask can be hydrating, for rosacea a mask can bring inflammation down and heal the skin. A mask for acneic skin will calm and purify the skin. Anti aging masks deposit antioxidants, brighten and hydrate the skin, great for fine lines and wrinkles. Find the right mask for what your skin needs now. //Beat Dry Skin Hydrating masks are the key to beating dry skin, especially during the winter. White algae, seaweed and green tea are just some of the ingredients you may find in a hydrating facial mask. Use the mask after cleansing, but before putting on night cream. IMG_9753Sea Veggie Face Masque: Our hand harvested seaweed based face & body mask rejuvenates the skin & instantly smoothes the epidermis. It is an effective treatment that improves the look of the skin. //Draw Out Imperfections Facial masks can also benefit oily skin, but you should stay away from hydrating versions that may actually make your skin oilier. Instead, look for clay-based masks, which have the capability of drawing out dirt and excess oils, while tightening your pores. IMG_9464Blueberry Bliss Face Masque: A purifying mask formulated with kaolin clay to draw toxins and impurities from the skin, renewing and recharging the skin. //Defy Aging Skin Certain face masks/treatments are loaded with antioxidants, and are made specifically for aging skin. Such masks can give your face a smoother and brighter appearance, while minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Seek out masks that have extracts from berries which aid in resurfacing the skin. Indigena130325_014Land and Sea Exfoliant: This fermented blueberry and dried lanminaria powder based exfoliant is used to fully prepare skin to allow for maximum penetration of moisture. It is high in antioxidants and leaves skin smooth. **If you are new to facial masks or just wanting to find out more information, check out our facial masque how-to post for some tips and tricks! We'd love to know: DO you treat yourself to a facial mask at least once a week? xo Kimberley

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    Super awesome post Jasmin thank you and it looks so pretty.

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