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Changing Seasons

As the seasons change, so do our skincare needs. Seasons It can be overwhelming when shopping by skin type, there are so many products out there, and skincare needs do not remain constant. Rather than treating our skin by type- oily, combination, dry- its best to treat our skin by the shifts in weather. Our skin will have very different needs in the winter versus summer months. Here are our tips for creating a simple to follow skincare regime year round. Start with the basics, then add in specialty treatments. 1. Cleanser Indigena130325_007 (2) This is something that you will need year round, no matter what the season. Choose a product that works for you. Our White Tea Cleanser is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Our Rooibos Tea Cleanser works great for acneic skin. Both are cream based cleansers so they will not dry skin, they gently remove dirt and oil- even the most stubborn mascara- without stripping your skin of essential moisture.     2. Toner IMG_9342Toner is something which is often overlooked, but is very important in any skincare regime. We have two toners, Sea Mineral Mist and Ice Berry Mist. Both replace the natural Ph. balance of skin, which is off balanced after cleansing. Sea Mineral Mist is made with pure Aloe so it leaves skin soft and dewy.Ice Berry Mist has Lingonberry extract which reduces breakouts and redness. Again, choose the product that best suits your skincare needs, if your skin is drier in the winter and oilier in summer then you should use Sea Mineral Mist in the drier months and Iceberry Mist in more humid weather.  Make sure you use your toner after cleansing, and it can be used throughout the day to refresh skin after a workout or to keep makeup looking great! 3. Moisturizer IMG_8870This is a step you should never skip. Moisturizing your skin creates a barrier against free radicals and nourishes skin. Our Sea Veggie Lotion is light and non greasy, making it perfect for the summer months. Labrador Tea Crème on the other hand is a more luxurious moisturizer, perfect for winter. If, like me, your skin is on the drier side you can continue to use Labrador Tea Crème in the summer months as needed and as a night crème. Moisturizer should be applied after toner. 4. Exfoliate Regular exfoliating keeps your skin fresh, as it removes buildup caused by dead skin and dirt. It promotes regeneration and leaves you looking refreshed. We have two great options for exfoliating, our sugar scrubs and Land and Sea Exfoliant. Bake Apple Bliss and Blueberry Bliss sugar scrubs contain essential oils and seeds of berries, for a light exfoliating treatment. It can be used on your entire body and is great to use about 2-3 times a week. Bake Apple Bliss is a great choice for people with redness or rosacea as it reduces redness.   Indigena_22_12_2013-6 (2) For a deeper exfoliating treatment Land and Sea exfoliant is your go-to. Made with fermented blueberry and dried laminaria powder. It leaves skin feeling smooth, use 1-2 times a week. You should exfoliate skin before bed. After exfoliating apply toner then moisturize. Once you have your basic skin care regime figured out the next step is to add in specialty treatments. 1. Eye Crème 1669757_10152379462093054_1358329215_oAs we age the skin around our eyes becomes thinner and loses elasticity, causing wrinkles. Rose Petal Eye Crème is a rich crème that replenishes moisture. Rose oil is firming and soothing, containing essential fatty acids, making it the perfect addition to your anti-aging regime. Apply eye crème after toning skin. 2. Serum 10258243_10152619945878054_4807630367181069336_oOur Botanical Bliss serum is perfect for acne prone and problematic skin types. It reduces redness and evens skin tone. Use before bed and massage gently into skin.Also works great when applied to cheeks before bronzer/blush to give you that glowing from within look. Serum should be applied before moisturizer or eye crème. 3. Masque Masques are not to be over looked. We have two, Sea Veggie Masque and Blueberry Bliss Masque, each work differently but give amazing results. 10563083_10152740584978054_4860158328264235037_nSea Veggie Masque is detoxifying and moisturizing, made with seaweed, it is perfect to use before an event to get rid of under eye puffiness. Blueberry Bliss Masque is made with blueberry seeds and kaolin clay, works great to reduce redness, helps clear acne and exfoliates skin. It's a great idea to use a masque once a week for 20 minutes. After treating skin use toner, then moisturize.     Once you begin a skin care regime it is very easy to tweak it to your skins seasonal needs. Remember your skin needs moisture year round, even in the warm weather. Questions? Feel free to leave a comment, we can help you find the perfect products! Remember that orders over $75 receive free shipping! In the St. John's area? Drop by our Holiday Inn Location at 180 Portugal Cove Road for a personal skincare assessment. XO Jasmin

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