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Facial Mists: Your Ultimate Summer Beauty Essential

Don't get me wrong, I love the warm weather and sunshine, but I also like to look fairly presentable. That being said, I’m making a conscious effort to keep refreshing facial mists at my disposal, just in case the sun decides to make an appearance again anytime soon. When you give your face a light spritz, the mist feels barely there, but completely refreshing all at the same time. And facial mists do so much more than just feel lovely. A few sprays can wake up your skin, feeding it with a burst of hydration and nutrients. I’m slightly obsessed with our Sea Mineral Mist. I leave one by my bed, at my desk, and i keep a small one in my purse. They just instantly make me feel a bit more fresh and relaxed. IMG_9342 Why do we love mists? The concept of facial mists isn't new but the technology has advanced to where it's not just water that's in the products. Today’s facial mists seriously step up the hydration factor. The right ones contain a skin-intoxicating mix of botanical extracts and essential oils—all hydrating ingredients that bind moisture to your skin. They can also calm redness from too much sun and cool your body temperature. And, no, you can’t achieve the same effect by spraying tap water on your face. Facial mists made from natural and organic ingredients coat your skin in a light layer of uber-moisturizing elements. Tap water might cool you off, but it won’t leave your skin moisturized. After the water evaporates, it can actually make your skin drier than it was before. When looking for a mist, you want a product that packs an antioxidant punch as well as one that offers hydration. 10540915_10152727830453054_155334481803597388_n You can apply facial mists several different ways to give your skin a glow: For ultimate moisturizing, apply your facial mist after cleansing and before you rub on your morning moisturizer. This will lock in the moisture left on your skin from cleansing. To set your makeup and give your skin that dewy look, give your mist a tiny spray and step into it (like you would when you put on perfume) after you apply your makeup. You can also use a facial mist anytime throughout the day for an instant skin pick-me-up. We’d love to know: Do you use facial mists? xo Kimberley

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