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Buying Local

While its so tempting to shop online for everything, sometimes its a better idea to actually get out into the community and see what is available to you locally. 10485387_10152688831803054_1843156866100393898_n Why, you may ask, does it matter if I order a scarf from a big retailer or a shop in my local community? Here are six great reasons why: 1. You Can Get One-of-a-kind- Sure, you might find something really cool for your home from a big box store or website, but buying locally often gives you the story behind the product. You get something that is handmade and full of character. 2. You Support Your Community- You are supporting another persons livelihood in your community and can feel good that your purchase is giving back. 3. You Get Great Quality More often than not, hand crafted goods are superior to mass produced goods. 10514681_10152666307328054_1265157246689717764_n4. You Boost the Local Economy As said before, you are supporting local businesses and people in your economy, who often support local charities and non-for-profit organizations. 5. You are Saving the Planet How? Well, think about the fuel used to ship an item from Europe to your home, a lot. By buying local you are cutting down on emissions and reducing pollution. 6. You are Helping Other Community Members Remain Employed A small business often employs 6-10 people, meaning you are helping locals to find work and stay in the area. 10371171_10152571741328054_7326799476318034122_o The list can go on and on, but I think there are plenty of good reasons to shop in your own community! Don't you? XO Jasmin

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