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Beauty talk: All naturale

A year or two ago, if you were to look at my beauty cabinet, you’d have probably been dumbfounded by the overwhelming amount of chemical-filled products in there. Lotions and cleansers and self tanners and hair serums… I could go on forever. You see, I’ve always been a lover of beauty products — I still am — but I haven’t always been such a huge advocate for natural beauty. IMG_2602It just used to be something I never really thought about. I knew that what I was putting onto my skin and hair wasn’t necessarily good for me, but I kind of always assumed that I didn’t have any other option. Boy was I wrong. If you told me five years ago that my bathroom shelves would resemble a kitchen cupboard I would never have believed you. The idea of putting coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, honey and spirulina on my face would have seemed beyond crazy, but as I started to nurture my body with foods that it loved I started to become conscious of everything else I was doing and whether it was really the most loving thing to do for my body. The thing is we absorb about 60-70% of everything we put onto our skin into our blood stream, so if your deodorant contains aluminum (which all the non-natural ones do) then you have aluminum pumping around your body and that’s kind of gross. So over the last year or so I stopped using conventional products and developed a natural skincare routine, which I love. Not to mention, my skin is currently better than ever before. Of course a healthy glow does come first and foremost from the inside, not just from your beautiful personalities, but from what you eat – that’s the real secret of glowing skin! For great skin we need lots of hydrating foods like cucumber and celery, lots of greens like kale and spinach and lots of good fats like avocado and coconut, plus lots of nuts and seeds for plant protein. However, there are lots of natural products that you can apply externally to enhance the beautiful effects of your food. xo Kimberley

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