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Beauty talk: Behind the brand

Earlier this week, we sat down with the founder, Lisa Walsh and we were delighted to ask questions submitted by you, our customers and readers.  Here’s what she had to say! 1R7A8022Q: How do you define beauty?
 Beauty comes from within, your level of confidence defines how beautiful you feel and look to someone else. I believe we choose to be beautiful by our attitude and actions. A smile is the most beautiful gesture. Happiness is a choice without that there is no beauty in life. Q: What five products can you not live without?
  1.  Mascara... without mascara I look sleepy! I don't have a fav I alternate them but navy mascara on your bottom lashes makes you look brighter.
  2. Lemon and Rosehip Shampoo... I use it head to toe when travelling.
  3. Rose petal eye crème…. wild roses are my fav aroma!
  4. Après Sport, again head to toe moisture while on the road, controls my breakouts and maintains my skins tone and moisture levels.
  5. Bronzer I have 2 or three I alternate between.
 Q: What is your daily beauty routine? I change my skincare with the seasons and depending on humidity I adjust my routine to the weather conditions I experience on a daily basis. Fall routine is more demanding and time consuming because my skin takes time to adjust to autumn. I love the art of the bath it is relaxing and necessary daily. I dry brush first then run my bath I like salts in my bath and alternate, but my fav is post workout. Then I cleanse my face with Rooibos Tea Cleanser or Sea Berry Soap, I like Sea Goddess Soap for my body. After the bath I use Sea Mineral Mist and Après Sport on my face and body. Usually I mask once a week and exfoliate with Blueberry Bliss or Land and Sea exfoliant. Cleansing and massage are a must.  Q: What’s your favorite product you make? I really enjoy formulating Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, I think the orange aroma lifts the spirit and you can't help but have a smile on your face with citrus in the air :-)  Q: Can you share any skincare tips with us?
  • Keep it simple, too many products complicate your life and who has time for that?
  • Use products that can multi task to keep you looking amazing
  • Learn to read a cosmetic label and stop being naive about the health of your body's largest organ
  • Consistent workouts keep your skin clearer and glowing
  • Self massage promotes cellular rejuvenation and relaxes you, do it for a few minutes daily, you will see a big difference in your skin.
  • Dry brushing flushes toxins from your skin
  • Seaweed treatments in the bath smooth and tone the skin as well
  • Photograph moles on the skin for self monitoring every 3 or 4 months it will keep your skin's health history
  • Sleep is good get what you need to look fresh and be happy
And that wraps it up! If you have any questions for the next question and answer series please leave them in the comments below!

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