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Ingredient spotlight: Sea Buckthorn

A new-to-you (but actually quite ancient) “IT” superfood has arrived on the scene: sea-buckthorn berry. Sea-BuckthornA bright orange fruit that grows in dense clusters on low bushes, sea-buckthorn is actually a berry-like fruit that is soft, juicy and rich in healthy oils. Loaded with antioxidants and packed with more vitamin C per serving than an orange, this unique berry is showing up in both food and body treatments. Known for its skin-softening capabilities, sea-buckthorn  has long been a popular nutritional, medicinal and beauty supplement in many parts of the world. When eaten raw, sea-buckthorn berries are sour and downright unpleasant. To use this nutritional powerhouse, the berries must first be pressed to separate the juices into three layers. The upper two layers are creamy and slick with the fruit’s saturated and unsaturated fats, rich oils that are used extensively in skin lotions and face creams. The bottom layer is made up of sediment and juice, a strong and fruity concoction that is used in food products and nutritional supplements. What makes sea buckthorn a superfood? This tiny yellow-orange berry is approximately one third of the size of a blueberry, yet packs about 1o times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. With high amounts of protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the sea buckthorn berry is a powerful food. Touted as one of the most nutritious and vitamin-rich foods in the world and offering benefits both internally and externally, sea buckthorn is quickly becoming as popular as acai berry and pomegranate. Sea buckthorn offers a powerhouse of anti-aging nutrition. Vitamins A and C reduce inflammation, which is key for any proactive and protective beauty regimen. The berries also contain omega-7 essential fatty acids, which promote tissue regeneration and skin health. All natural and all wild, this unique fruit oil product can be used all over the body – and inside the body – to improve one’s health and beauty. This little berry can be found in many of our products such as the Botanical Bliss Facial Serum, Seaberry Bath Soak, as well as in both the Bikini Babe and Sea Berry Soaps! February 01, 2014--017We’d love to know: Are sea buckthorn berries a part of your health and beauty routine? xo Kimberley

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