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Post-vacation skincare tips

While you did slather on sunscreen all through the vacation, it is important to take extra care of your skin on your return. The excessive onslaught of UV rays and the damage it causes makes it imperative to go the extra mile while your skin slowly transitions into regular skin care routine. FullSizeRenderHere are my tips to help get your skin back on track. Exfoliate: Use a gentle exfoliant on the face, to shed off the build up of skin cells which are damaged, dry and pigmented. Do not rub hard, as this can lead to irritation and inflammation. Note: if there is redness due to a sunburn, do not exfoliate until the skin has healed.  Calm and Hydrate: Apply a hydrating and calming masque, which is thirst quenching on dehydrated skin, three times a week. One of my biggest concerns is how dry my skin gets especially from traveling. This is where my favourite mask comes in. Moisturize: With a beautiful tan often comes thirsty skin resulting in flaky skin that looks dry, uneven and dehydrated, nothing like the healthy glow you really wanted. Regardless of your age, the sun is the number one way to dehydrate the skin. Keep your skin supple by rehydrating through the day with our Sea Mineral Mist. The antioxidants will bring your skin back to its optimal health. Make sure to keep the skin nourished and hydrated throughout the day and night, with the use of serums and moisturizers. Protect: This tip is not only a good way to care for your skin when you get home; it’s also a good preventative measure for next time. Applying sun block when you return will help you prevent any further damage; the next time you go to the beach, be sure to use sun block the entire time you’re exposed, no matter your skin tone. It will help protect you from harmful UV rays and keep your skin from drying out or peeling. Also, you’ll be surprised how much you can still tan through sun block. IMG_7942We'd love to know: Do you have any tips for hydrating your skin after a week in the sun? xo Kimberley

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