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Cleansing never felt so good!

Sometimes we just want to feel squeaky clean all over! With Indigena's handcrafted soaps you can eliminate harsh chemicals or unwanted fragrances. We never use chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours, just all natural ingredients. These additives can dry out your skin if you have sensitive skin. Natural ingredients make our soaps and cleansers safe for your skin-care daily routine. Our soaps were formulated with gentle cleansers and locally harvested land and sea botanicals. Amazing natural ingredients go into every bar of our natural soaps. First we have our ever so popular Sea Berry Soap facial bar, enriched with oils from the sea buckthorn plant. This makes a great face and body cleanser. Depending on how gritty you like an exfoliant soap to be we have four designed for your specific needs. comboSea Goddess. {mild exfoliant peppermint} Sea botanicals lightly exfoliate and tingle all over with this peppermint oil based soap. Great for tired legs. Revitalizing. Face or body bar. Wild Ridge. {medium exfoliant orange} Land botanical formulated for men this soap is especially effective post workout. Not surprising, girls love it too. Made with gently exfoliating botanical powders and seeds, it is a great pre-shave soap to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritations due to clogged follicles. Face or body bar. Bikini Babe. {medium exfoliant orange} For those who need silky smooth beach ready skin, Bikini Babe is for you. Especially effective for use post depilatory like Brazilian waxing. Body bar. Tough Love. {course grit orange} Sometimes your skin needs maximum exfoliation. The reasons vary, change of seasons, you travel a lot, you have excessive oiliness or dryness or you have problematic skin (back acne, etc). Tough love cleans deeply and prevents pores from clogging. Body bar. If you’re looking for a simple natural way to give a gift this Holiday season, our handcrafted soaps make a great choice! We have something suitable for everyone. We'd love to know: What kind of soap products do you currently use?  XO Kimberley

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  1. avatar The last minute Holiday Gift Guide | Indigena says:

    […] before or after shaving. No fragrance and it helps reduce redness and irritation. Or check out our body soaps… the Wild Ridge Soap Bar in particular. Calling all metro men, this exfoliating bar works well on […]

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