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Adjusting your winter skincare routine!

I'm sure you've already noticed, but right now is a tough time of year for skin—the shift from harsh summer sun exposure to harsh cold winds and dry air can leave your skin parched, irritated, and the opposite of glowy. Wondering how to update your skin care routine and face winter looking pretty? Here are our tips in keeping smooth and radiant skin during this transitional season.
  1. Gentle exfoliation. Fall may have started a while ago but it’s been relatively mild so far for this time of year. In the past few days though, it has cooled down and really started to feel more like winter. During the summer months, a layer of dead skin builds up, and while our bodies exfoliate naturally, it’s nice to get rid of that sun-damaged skin at the end of the season and start fresh. Exfoliating also helps clear out your pores, allowing other products, like moisturizers, to work more effectively. It can be tempting to scrub away at flaky, itchy skin with something abrasive, but overzealous exfoliation can do much more harm than good this time of year. You don't want something that's going to leave micro scratches on the skin. Our favourite gentle exfoliant? The Land and Sea Exfoliant. It can be used daily and just kind of sucks off the dead skin, bringing it back to a healthy glow.
  1. Facial Masks. Especially between summer and winter, when you’re going from a time that you might’ve abused your skin in the sun to when you’re abusing it in the wind, it’s important to not only moisturize but to use face masks. Masks help get your skin back to a normal, healthy state before the winter months start. Tip: Use a moisture mask to get that really deep hydration.
  1. Layering with serum. Add a hydrating antioxidant serum before your moisturizer to give skin an added layer of protection. Our favourite: Botanical Bliss Facial Serum, which you can also use over makeup to replenish moisture and plump skin during the day, including atop fine lines around the eyes or mouth.
  1. Mists. To rebalance and calm the skin whenever it's feeling irritable or dry, try a hydrating mist, like our Land & Sea Healing Mist or Sea Mineral Mist. I like to keep it in my bag to use throughout the day.
Do you use any of these skin care products in your pre-winter routine right now— exfoliants, serums, masks, or mists? Which ones, and why do you like them? Share below! XO Kimberley

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