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Discovering your skin type

Shhhhh….I’ve got a secret. You don’t have a skin type. You have skin. Skin changes as you age, as the sun rises, as the season changes, as your hormones change, and because of a million other little things that affect your living, breathing, beautiful skin. Almost everything can influence skin type—both external and internal elements can and do impact the way your skin looks and feels Over the years you’ve been asked (or told) by fashion magazines, makeup artists, cosmetics salespeople, etc., what type of skin you have – Dry? Normal? Combination? Oily? – as they try and diagnose what products you should use to “treat” your complexion. Here’s my take: forget all about that. Most of it is likely incorrect, confusing, or designed to simply keep you buying more and more products. While the typical categories of oily, dry, and combination skin are good basics, they don't address the wide variety of other problems or nuances that can affect skin type. If you have rosacea, acne, sun damage, or eczema, then these categories don't strictly apply. Plus, your skin type can change with everything from the weather to your stress levels (even your period). Why is recognizing all these factors so important? Because different skin types require different product formulations. Even more important is to realize that you can have more than one skin type: sensitive and dry, oily and blemish-prone, sun damaged with acne. The more you know about everything that affects skin type, the more you'll be able to help your skin finally look and feel as normal as possible! My recommendation is to not box yourself into a category, but pay attention to your skin on a daily basis, see what it needs, and adjust your products and lifestyle accordingly and over the long haul. XO Kimberley

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