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Winter skin care tips

Fighting dry, parched skin and hair this winter? A surprise culprit might be hindering your efforts to stay moisturized and radiant. If you are like us, as the temperatures dip, a hot, steamy bath or shower sounds like the best way to get some much needed warmth. Unfortunately, while it is warming your body, it might also be stripping your skin of natural, protective oils. Combined with dry, cold, windy weather, your skin can become itchy and irritated. Yikes! 0196_IndigenaFallWinter_J0523 So we put together a little guide for Winter Radiant Skin…
  1. Turn the heat down.
We know it’s a bummer, but lower the temperature of your shower water. Trust us. Glowing skin and healthy hair will be worth it! Try warm water instead of hot, and limit your bath to 15 minutes at the longest—showers even less. The longer and hotter the shower, the more moisture you’re likely to lose because when your natural oils are lost, water from the skin also escapes, leading to irritation and dry skin. If it helps, you are also lowering your environmental footprint by conserving water and energy. Win. Win!
  1. Filter your water.
In addition to water temperature and exposure time, there is another culprit in most water supplies that could be damaging your skin. Chlorine!  Chlorine reacts chemically with the skin—causing irritation. As we mentioned, hot water is drying, but the presence of chlorine is that much more damaging because it strips your natural protective oils. Luckily there is an easy fix for this. Look for a water filter with a multi-stage filtering system, that is easy to install and has an easily changed filter.
  1. Cleanse. Gently.
The outermost layer of our skin cells, along with naturally occurring oils, comprise the skin’s protective barrier. This protection defends us from harsh and abrasive environments and keeps us healthy. But it can easily become stripped and damaged in the line of duty. A hot steamy shower will trigger your pores to open and increases the skin’s rate of absorption, so make sure to use products that are healthy and safe. You also want a mild cleanser (like the Sea Berry Soap) that won’t strip your skin further leaving it feeling tight and itchy, like harsh cleansers do. Indigena130325_029 A special note to bathers: If you prefer baths (like we do!), add some Sea Veggie to the water to help protect and prevent drying. Your skin will thank you!
  1. Replenish!
Of course, never skip moisturizing. It is vital to moisturize after each shower or bath while the skin is still damp. This will seal in moisture and help to rebuild the protective barrier. But be careful, as oil can make your tub or floor slippery! When you step out of the shower, apply Botanical Bliss Facial Serum -- to help lock in precious moisture-- to your damp face and gently pat (don’t rub) dry. A few times a week, apply [Apres Sport Massage Melt] and allow your skin to air dry after a shower. Towel drying can often strip skin of it’s hydration. Voilà! Winter radiant skin! We'd love to know: Do you have any skin care tips to help achieve winter radiant skin?  XO Kimberley

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