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The Sunday ritual: holiday edition

HOLIDAY-GLOW-GUIDE-SPOTLIGHT-620x384 Most of my pampering Sundays are purely out of enjoyment, the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin or relaxing in a bubble bath, but occasionally it’s a necessity – getting ready for a party or making oneself appear a tad more decent. It’s that time of year again, Christmas party time and I can already tell it’s going to be a busy season… Whipping out the pre party prep – I like to keep things brief. I’ll indulge in a little exfoliation all over my body, the Bakeapple Sugar Scrub is usually my go-to. After showering I’ll cover my whole body in the Apres Sport Massage Melt. It's that time of year when my whole body is dry, so my skin just slurps up the moisture. Indigena_22_12_2013-12 Next up, I’ll use the Land and Sea Exfoliant to slough away at any dead skin. The combination of fermented blueberry + dried seaweed always does the trick.  I will follow up with a face mask for extra hydration. An instant hair mask like the Nourishing Hair Masque gets hair party ready, adding some instant shine! Lastly, I make sure to do a little lip scrub with the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub because this time of year a bright lipstick is a definite and we don't want flaky dry lips! We'd love to know: Do you have a Sunday pampering ritual? XO Kimberley

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