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Winter radiant skin!

Winters in Newfoundland can be quite harsh. I usually see a massive change in my skin come fall/winter. Besides the fact that my complexion turns pasty and pale, my face feels consistently parched. Here are some of the steps I follow to ensure that my skin stays hydrated and dewy, despite the slight drop in temperature. I try to exfoliate three times a week. It's the quickest way to slough off dead skin. I use this. Indigena_22_12_2013-9 Once a week, I use a purifying mask as a way to rid my skin of toxins and make it appear a bit brighter. My skin is typically pretty good as far as breakouts, but once a month (no coincidence there!), I usually get a few blemishes around my chin and this helps clear them up. Before applying moisturizer, I slather on face serum. It makes me look like a greasy mess for approximately two minutes, until my skin pretty much drinks it all up. It's always the first step in my routine after I've exfoliated or washed my face. I apply an intense lip balm before bed. It’s the best way to have your lips get extra soft, since they're being coated for eight hours straight (I rarely even apply Chapstick during the day, since I'm always on the brink of eating). I'll usually exfoliate mine once or twice a week with this lip polish followed by this lip balm. And that’s it! Simple, yet effective. We'd love to know: What do you do to keep your skin looking alive during the harsh winter months? xo Kimberley

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