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Beet-le Juice

Make this juice recipe your new go-to juice this Winter! It contains this season's superstars: apples, celery, and of course, beets. This deep red juice will get you into the Holiday spirit and keep you feeling healthy all season long. The benefits of beet juice have been backed by countless studies, but it seems most people are unaware of its nutritional power. These bright red root vegetables pack a variety of vitamins and minerals rarely found in such high concentrations within one food. This power house vegetable is particularly well known for its amazing anti-aging health benefits. Top 3 Anti-Aging Benefits of Beet Juice • Fight wrinkles and skin conditions naturally with folate! • Prevent age-related macular degeneration with vitamin A and carotenoids! • Preserve brain function with nitrates that improve blood flow! 113 Beet juice might not be incredibly delicious on its own but adding apple juice or carrot juice sweetens it and boosts the overall antioxidants. INGREDIENTS 1 apple, cored and sliced 1 lemon, peeled 2 tall celery stalks 1 beet, with the leaves 1 handful of spinach (optional) *For added sweetness, include more lemon and apple. DIRECTIONS Add the apple, lemon, and celery to a juicer. Use a sharp knife to cut the beet into manageable pieces and then add it to your juicer. For extra greens, add spinach. IMG_9825 Voilà! Enjoy your delicious, beet juice.

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