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New Year: Beauty Resolutions

beauty-resolutions Make 2015 your mission to have better looking skin than you did new years of 2014. First step is to break bad beauty habits! Not sure where to start? Follow us with our beauty resolutions for 2015! We can do this together. 1. Establish a routine Okay routines in life can be laborious, but they serve a purpose. Just like you would brush your teeth before going to bed, a skin care routine will help you stick to doing all the right things to protect and care for your skin. Get into good habits of cleansing and moisturizing before bedtime and after showering, applying hand cream before going outside and topping-up using a travel hand cream when the weather’s cold. 2. Stop popping pimples Newsflash: Popping pimples is bad for the skin (like you didn’t already know). Every time you pop or squeeze at a spot you run the risk of damaging the follicle, and increasing the chance of it scarring your skin. Is it really worth it? It will only lengthen the time it takes for your skin to heal after a breakout, by pushing infected material into the dermis even deeper – so keep that in mind the next time you get the urge! 3. No harsh scrubbing Vigorous scrubbing of the skin using abrasive scrubbing pads and rough wash cloths can actually increase irritation and may even worsen your skin’s condition. Especially if you suffer from acne, you’re likely to experience more breakouts than if you use your bare hands to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, or a soft, non-abrasive cloth. 4. Always remove make-up before bed However tempting it is after a heavy night on the town to get back and crash-out without taking your face off, remember, if you do not remove your make-up before going to bed, your pores will not have a chance to breathe and will become clogged with the very make-up you have on your face. This isn’t too appealing and will actually stop the regeneration of skin cells that repair themselves faster at night than they do during the day. So to maintain a cracking complexion the day after the night before, throughout 2015, don’t go to bed with your make-up on. 5. Throw away old makeup Yup, makeup has a use by date, who knew? Well, you should. Using old mascara can cause eye irritation and infection, using old foundation can be really for you skin- I mean, imagine you left something in the fridge for 12 months and hen ate it because you didn't have anything else. You wouldn't do that would you? 6. Clean your makeup tools regularly Another thing that can cause you skin problems. Cleaning your makeup brushes is an absolute must. think of all the old makeup lodged in the brush and all the bacteria that has found it's way on it. And you want to put this on your face? Thing again. Do your skin a favour and clean whose brushes. Makeup goes on so much better with clean brushes too! Win. 7. Wear SPF daily How many of us are guilty of not wearing SPF everyday? Truth is, the suns rays can reach you no matter how cloudy it is outside. Protection is key, even if it's just SPF in your foundation. 8. Drink More Water Drinking more water is the difference between your skin looking dull and grey or glowing and bright. Water is at the tips of your fingers and the easiest form of hydration you can get hold of, so embrace it! 9. Do More Exercise Exercise as a beauty resolution? Yep. Exercise can really do wonders for your skin. It gets the blood pumping around your body and gives your skin that glow. Notice how people who run have that radiant glow com ing from them? Even just a brisk walk or jog can help. 10. Look after your locks Whether it's regular trims or simply remembering to use heat protection, looking after your  hair is the best thing you can do. Show your locks some love and they will become your best friend. And that's it! Will you be joining along? XO Kimberley

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