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Make 2015 your mission to have better skin

Make 2015 your mission to have better skin than you did new years of 2014. It’s as easy as committing 30 minutes a day and 5 minutes a night to a committed skin care regimen. 0696_IndigenaFallWinter_J0523 As we age our skin care needs change dramatically. Baby’s skin regenerates itself approximately every 14 days where as an adult female’s takes about 28 days. As we get older our skin loses collagen and elasticity—couple that with diet, habits, polluted air, and the water we drink and we’re aging rapidly. Results show that people who frequently change their skin care routine look older than those who stick to a regimen. Good skin products take time to show results, by which time most people have moved on to the next. When starting a new product, patience will be needed. Anything claiming to be an overnight miracle will be hardly that—they’ll be short-term or won’t work at all. Any results with longevity will come slowly. Depending on your skin type and specific needs, a basic skin care regimen includes; exfoliating about twice a week, daily use of a soap-free facial cleanser (soap can leave waxy invisible residue), toner to freshen and cleanse pores, application of special cream treatments (anti-aging, anti-acne, or whatever you’re targeting), and a moisturizer preferably with SPF content. Washing your face at night is also exceptionally important. This will remove the grime, oil, and sweat gathered throughout the day that would otherwise sink deeper and rub off onto your pillowcase. We'd love to know: Do you follow a skincare regimen? XO Kimberley

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