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Health and Wellness Tips for Winter

Today I'm sharing what tips I'm trying to follow for 2015 to improve my overall health and wellness. Most people seem to say, new year, new you, but committing to a "new you" is quite a drastic and almost unachievable goal. I think we should instead try to become better versions of OURSELVES through small, realistic and more achievable changes.
Drink warm lemon water & honey upon waking. I've read that this is good for you in several different places. I mostly drink it because it makes my insides feel nice and warm. I also like to think it's helping to fight off any flu-like symptoms. It's a great way to start a cold winters morning. Incorporate more greens into your meals. I hate eating a cold salad in the dead middle of winter. It's the last thing I want to be doing. So in order to keep leafy greens in my diet, I've been starting every day with a big green juice. There are plenty of recipe variations & ideas online; you just need to be a little adventurous! Get outdoors. It's no surprise that everyone is hitting the gym again in January, and that's great. But there's something about breathing in fresh, crisp air that is much better then anything you can get at the gym.  I try to mix it up by getting outside for a walk or hike and this year I'm going to try skiing (wish me luck!). Drink more herbal tea. Like the warm lemon water, herbal tea will help to warm you up when the temperatures dip well below zero. I ready somewhere that when we're cold, we eat more, even if our bodies aren't actually hungry (that explains a lot!). So I'm going to trrryyyy reaching for herbal tea this winter, instead of mindlessly eating. Get more sleep. This is a big one for me, guys. Some people can function on four, five… six hours a night. Well, not me. Though I wish I could. Sleep is a vital part of my day and I need to accept the fact that I need at least eight hours of it if I want to feel healthy the next day. Stretch. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to stretch and think to myself, “what’s the difference, it’s just stretching.” But does it ever make a huge difference in the way my body feels. I stand taller and feel stronger when I stretch. Drink more water. This is no big surprise. Everyone knows they should be drinking more water, including me. To help me remember, I carry around a large reusable water bottle with me all day — I have to refill it at least three times a day. If by noon I haven’t drank an entire bottle yet, I know I need to get moving. Oh, and the wonders more water will do for your skin! A quick tip: start your day off with a glass of water. It will help you remember and just feels good. XO Kimberley

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