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The misconception of facial serum

Let me set the record straight – not all oils are bad for skin, not even oily or acne skin! IMG_0119 Coating your face with oil sounds like a skin debacle waiting to happen. Most of us want to get rid of oil, not slather it on. This misconception has given facial oils a bad rep. Facial oils actually do just the opposite of what you might expect. They reduce oiliness and breakouts, while leaving your skin with a healthy glow. Oil is not the enemy here as it is so often portrayed; it’s about knowing which oils to indulge and which to avoid depending on your skin type.  As far back as 10,000BC, ancient Egyptians used plant-based oils to indulge and treat their skin.  Skin naturally creates sebum to protect and heal itself; therefore by using the right oils we are actually benefiting our skin, not making it oily. The more you try to get rid of the oil on your face with harsh cleansers, creams and treatments that strip your skin of its natural oils, the more your skin works to replace them. That’s when your face turns into an extra greasy broken out mess because it overcompensates for that lost oil. The cycle seems endless. It's exhausting. It's painful. It's expensive! Rubbing a few drops of a quality, organic facial oil into your skin every day will leave your face moisturized, soft and acne-free. And, if used regularly, they can actually maintain the natural balance of oil on your skin. We'd love to know: Do you use facial oils/serums? XO Kimberley

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