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Antioxidants... your insurance policy for a healthy future!

What are antioxidants? They are protective substances that stop potential cellular damage before it happens. Our bodies produce free radicals which are a by product of cells as they produce oxygen. It is an atom or group of atoms that has at least one unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. Exposure to environmental pollution, chemicals and nitrates in our foods increase our exposure. Free radicals attack cells breaking down collagen and elastin, they slow down lipid production, which dehydrates the skin, this in turn reduces the resiliency and tone of the skin. Premature aging is the result of free radical damage. Antioxidants rescue us from this chain reaction by neutralizing these free radicals  by stopping the reaction before damage is done. Free Radical damage cannot be reversed by antioxidants, it is preventative... so start eating more blueberries and other antioxidant rich foods today! There are many types of antioxidants available to us daily. Vitamin A ( found in eggs, sweet potatoes, and carrots) Vitamin C ( Found in fruits such as oranges, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, spinach ) Vitamin E (Found in vegetable oils, avocados, and whole grains) Beta Carotene (Found in any orange fruit of vegetable) Minerals (Found in selenium, zinc and manganese) Flavinoids (Found in tea , coffee, berries and dark chocolate ) Can you eat too many antioxidant rich foods?? No, as our bodies are under constant attack we need continual replenishment. Using products topically also can be preventative. In short less free radicals means less aging. 10 Beauty tips to Prevent Free Radical Damage
  1. Stop or reduce cigarette smoking
  2. Cleanse your skin morning and night and apply a chemical free toner and moisturizer
  3. Avoid sunburn and cover up, it is the best sunscreen
  4. Wear foundation, preferably a mineral one
  5. Eat lots of fruit and veggies ( and that includes sea vegetables like Dulse)
  6. Drink tea, coffee
  7. Eat dark chocolate
  8. Avoid using pesticides in your home
  9. Use less or no chemicals when housecleaning, use earth friendly brands or make your own!
  10. Take a multi vitamin everyday
At the beauty counter many options abound for the consumer looking for alternatives to chemically ridden products, be a proactive consumer and choose your beauty products as wisely as you choose food! Lisa

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