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What's in your Indigena Stash? -- Amanda

Today is the start of a new series where we interview our fabulous customers and have a little snoop around in their Indigena Stash! Today we start with one of our wonderful customers Amanda. She has a YouTube channel where she shares her beauty knowledge with the world and today she'll be sharing with you her Indigena Stash!

IMG_7747 1. Tell us about yourself! I am a 23 years old “Townie” who loves makeup, skincare and a fast paced lifestyle.  A little over a year ago I started a Youtube Channel and Blog.  I did not realize how strong of a passion I had for cosmetics until I really sat down and became completely consumed in all the beauty products around me.  Aside from that I work in a job where fast-paced is sort of an understatement.  I love it.  I love looking at my calendar and seeing a million little dots in every square.  One could say I love feeling tired but I really do not want to admit it. IMG_7740 2. What’s in your Indigena Stash? (a)Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub (b)Bikini Babe Body Butter (c)Wild Ridge Natural Nourishing Soap Bar (d)Bake Apple Bliss Sugar Scrub (e)Smooch Lip Balm (f)Winterberry Bath Soak (g)Blissful Lip Balm (h)Sea Veggie Treatment/Face Masque 3. What do you like about these products? I love that each product does what it claims to do.  My skin feels good after every use.  Having very oily breakout prone skin is a hassle from time-to-time but these every Indigena product I have tried has never irritated my skin.  I have recommended the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub to many people and they all love it.  Another big “selling point” for me is Indigena is locally owned  It makes me so happy. Supporting local business makes trying a new product or researching new products easier. 4. What does your daily beauty routine entail? My daily beauty routine is rather large.  Monday to Friday my day usually starts at 5:30 a.m.  I usually use a gentle cleanser with a cognac sponge to get rid of any excess oil on my face.  Then I jump into moisturizing and acne treatments.  On top of that I always do a full face of makeup, primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter.  Usually my makeup is on my face until about 6:00 p.m.  When I get home I take off my makeup, exfoliate and cleanse my face, apply a thick night cream and eye cream. 5. Does your beauty routine vary season to season? My routine definitely varies from season to season.  In the winter I tend to apply thicker moisturizers.  I use a full coverage foundation.  In the summer I use a BB Cream or a sheer lightweight foundation. 6. Do you have a star product you can’t live without? I have attempted to live without the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub…. I did not last three days.  Along with the Bikini Babe Body Butter. 7. Do you have any secret beauty tips + tricks? Secret Beauty Tips…When I am insanely short on time and significantly oily I just dampen my beauty blender and lightly blot the oil off my face!! 8. Anything we’d be surprised to hear about your beauty routine? Confession One:  Well I guess now is as good a time as ever to confess that I cannot sleep if I have not cleansed my face.  Confession two:  If I do not get to soak in the bath tub, do a face mask and curl up with my dogs for at least an hour on Sunday I am the world’s crankiest human being come Monday morning. 9. What is your desert island product you cannot live without? I think I have two ….. the Bikini Babe Body Butter and the Smooch Lip Balm.  All about the hydration.... Bonus points for wicked scents. Aside from all of that I truly believe customer service enhances a product.  There is something insanely positive about shopping at Indigena.  I walk in and instantly become happy person.  The staff truly are kind hearted, loving souls and it makes you fall in love with them and the store. Thank you to Amanda for your kind words and answering our interview questions! We would also like to get to know more of you and what is in your Indigena Stash, so if you would like to be featured please e-mail

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