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Five Ways to Welcome Spring

Spring is almost here! That means more daylight (vitamin d... yes!), warm weather and spring flowers. We can't wait! 1) Clear out Closet Around this time of year is when I feel the need to get rid of anything that I may not need. These things tend to weigh down my mind so it's nice to free up space and make life easier by letting go of any clutter. I set up 3 boxes labeled keep, toss and donate. I start with things that I cannot go without which go directly to the keep box. Then anything that has holes or has been stretched out of shape goes to the toss pile. The 3rd box is items still in good condition but that I've neglected and feel it could go to a home where someone will use it more than I will. There are many great organizations in town that take donations. One of my favourites is the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline program. They are able to come pick up items at your home or you can drop off your donations in their many donation boxes they have placed around town. It's so easy and convenient while helping an amazing cause. 2) Go Outside- This is the time of year to grab some fresh air with a brisk walk outdoors. The sunshine will bump up our vitamin d while you get to see the beautiful change of the season. 3) Help your garden bloom Remove old debris from your garden to give seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers a chance to thrive. Refreshing your garden is a great way to help your spring bloom brighter and bigger. 4) Fill Home with Spring Aromas Open up the windows on warm days and add fresh-cut flowers or potted plants to every room to bring beautiful outdoor scents inside. There's nothing better than the smell of fresh air in the spring. 5) Spring Clean your Body and Mind Take up a yoga class to help relax, grab some of those delicious fresh vegetable that are in season and make yourself a smoothie or give yourself an at home spa day with our Blueberry Bliss Face Masque to detox your skin making it look as fresh and bright as the spring sky. 4f38f2db7737c44886e7b880d11b5599

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One thought on “Five Ways to Welcome Spring

  1. avatar Mizmatched Rebel says:

    Going for walks and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine are definitely excellent activities.. just don’t do it today or you might be get lost in the snow !

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