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10 Spring Skincare Tips

As seasons change so does your skin. Paying attention to your skin's needs is essential for achieving glowing healthy skin. 10 Tips for Beautiful Skin Now 1 Give yourself a home spa facial.This includes a cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, masque, eye cream and facial lotion or cream. 2 Take a multi vitamin daily 3 Eat wildgrown or organic blueberries. Blueberries have properties that even skintone, reduce reddness and fight free radials. 4 Cleanse your skin morning and evening with a cleansing cream that is good for your skin type and skin condition ie acne, sensitivity or mature would be a condition, dry, normal, or oily would be a skin type. Adjust your cleanser to a creamy texture if you tan, shower alot or are dry. 5 Include oil in your diet. Yes oil! It keeps your skin supple and moist from the inside out. Good oils, unsaturated fats are best. ie salmon oil 6 Eat foods with a high Vitamin C content, not only does it prevent flu it boosts collagen development and is a potent anti-oxidant 7 Sleep.Never underestimate the power of zzzz's. Get a good night's sleep. Your sleep time is comparable to putting your car in for servicing, it is your body's time to repair itself. Give your body a break and let it do its job! 8 Moisturize your skin daily regardless of skin type and always Tone your skin prior to moisturizing. Toning firms the skin and makes pores tighten...making the skin look more perfect. 9 Choose products that are Organic and Natural with botanical bases. Say no to chemical preservatives in your skincare. 10 Become more educated on what you are using on your body as well as what you are nourishing yourself with. You will be surprized by what you do not know and ingredients you should avoid. XO Lisa

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