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It's that time of year! Spring break! I know in between all those cute outfits and flip flops you have packed, there is minimal room for products so did you know that at Indigena, we have the best travel companion products? They're the perfect size to stash in your carry on while you travel to your relaxation destination. fcdc406f2c40782a365002db6c43173e 1) Rooibos Tea Cleanser (15ml) - This cleanser is the perfect double duty beauty product to keep in your bag. It can be used as a refresher if your face is feeling those in flight skin blues or if you wore makeup on the plane, it can be used as a makeup remover! It's the littlest powerhouse in your carry on. 2) Sea Mineral Mist (40ml) - This face and body toner will be the ultimate skin refresher during a long, dry flight. The seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid which revive stressed   and dehydrated skin. If you plan on putting makeup on before your flight lands, it also doubles as a makeup setting spray! 3) Sea Veggie Face Lotion (15ml) - All the recycled air on an airplane can make our skin feel dry but our Seaweed infused face lotion is here to help! It is instantly hydrating and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. So those are my recommendations for travel companions that will make your skin feel happy and hydrated. What are your must have carry on items? xox Ashlee

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