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Preventing & Treating Redness

There tend to be certain triggers that set off redness. It may be the case that you can't do anything to avoid exposing yourself to these triggers, however there are some instances where they can be avoided. Identifying what sets you off is key. For rosacea, a lot of people react to spicy food, alcohol, stress and sun exposure. If you minimize your exposure to whatever is causing the problem, that's going to be the biggest thing you can do to help. Skincare When your skin is red and irritated, it's really worth treating it gently and taking things back to basics. I'd forget about any masks / exfoliants and just pair everything down. Try to avoid products with any added fragrance. OUr entire line of products are made without any added fragrance. Cleanser: Finding a cleanser that's gentle on the skin is hugely important. Generally that means avoiding anything that's soapy or foaming... a cream cleanser is ideal. Our Cream Cleanser is designed specifically for environmentally sensitive skin. The soothing properties in this milky cleanser make the skin feel soft and calm redness. Toner: If you're using a toner, make sure to avoid anything with alcohol in the ingredients list, as it's a surefire way to dry out and irritate your skin. Our 100% Aloe based toner (no water) helps revive dry, dehydrated or environmentally stressed skin. Moisturizer: Moisturizer is also essential. Your skin needs a protective moisture barrier. If you're experiencing severe redness and chapped skin, our Sea Veggie Facial Lotion is a fantastic choice. It really calms things down and repairs damaged skin. Customers who have predominantly sensitive skin love this product. SPF: SPF is important to wear even in the winter. Your skin may be experiencing irritation from sun exposure without you even realizing. A physical sunblock (containing zinc oxide) is best suited for those with rosacea. Our Sun Goddess SPF does the trick! Overall, make sure to keep it as simple and gentle as possible. XO Kimberley

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