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5 Spring Skincare Tips for Men and Women

Thankfully the sun is shining bright and you can smell the hint of summer in the salty sea air once again. With the change of seasons our skin needs time and help to adjust smoothly. 10896441_10153110507958054_8632068486399391436_o What are some common problems we see with the skin as we move from winter to spring? Dehydration, flakiness, excessive oiliness even on people who have normal to dry skin, acne, redness, milia and blackheads are but a few of the things that make us feel self conscious about the our skin. How do you put your best face forward and feel great? 1 Exfoliate your skin once or twice weekly. Yes guys, you too especially the chin, nose and forehead areas ( known as the T- Zone ) You can use your regular cleanser and add 1 tsp of fine granulated sugar. The sugar melts as you rub gently in little circular motion over the face. Don’t feel guilty about this sugar fix! Not interested in making your own? There are thousands on the market that will do the trick but try to use a brand that uses little or no chemical based ingredients. Sugar itself is a preservative so why manufacturers use so many chemicals is a mystery to me. 2 If you must use soap ( I love it myself ) use glycerin based soaps, as they are more hydrating, less harsh and work well on all skin types. Lather up soap bar and massage your face for 1 to 2 minutes. 3 Use a toner all over the face and spray on your back often as well after working out. Toner is the essential item most people skip, especially men they don’t know why or how to use a toner. Toner rebalances the pH of the skin and slightly firms the epidermis making your pores appear less visible, yes, less visible so if you have enlarged pores on your face and or body this is a miracle elixir you can’t do without. Cleanse, tone (use a spray toner, it is quick and easy as an applicator. Great for guys after shaving to calm the skin and reduce sting), and moisturize (step 4) 4 Moisturize, even if you have acne. If there is anything I can claim being an expert on it is the prevention and maintenance of acne problems. People with problematic skin are over- aggressive in the treatment of skin problems. Your skin is the body’s largest and most forgiving organ, but it needs daily TLC. Moisturizing keeps each pore aerobic... in other words your skin needs to breathe. Keeping your skin moist allows the skin to replenish itself naturally. Once a pore becomes anaerobic it is party time for bacteria to grow. Moisturizers with harsh drying agents for acne tend to cause more acne because the skin drys out too much and the pores  become clogged from the dry dead skin on the service which causes the bacteria to spread in underneath layers the skin. What happens then? Most people pick at their skin causing even more rupturing of the bacteria in the dermal layer and the acne spreads. So if you have acne using a small amount of moisturizer on your skin daily (morning and evening) will benefit your skin in reducing your breakouts. After you shower is the best time to tone and moisturize while skin is damp for the most effective penetration of the products. You also use less. Don’t over use your skincare products because like medicine too much is not good either, that can cause skin irritation or excessive oiliness. As a general rule use half the amount you think you need and scale it up as needed. 5 Weekly Masquing. Are you looking at your skin and thinking I really need a lift to make my skin look fresh? Then you need to masque your skin once to twice weekly. There are two types of masques. Cleansing and hydrating. Cleansing masques are usually clay based and hydrating are gel or cream based. I use both at the same time usually. Clay masques on their own tend to really dry out the skin too much. I like seaweed powder, it is like clay but it also hydrates as it works to draw out oils and impurities. I like mixing a little of my creamy cleanser or moisturizer with the seaweed powder and put the paste all over my face for 10 to 20 minutes. This seaweed masque works great on the back as well especially if you have breakout there from working out or acne. Lisa

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