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What’s in your Indigena Stash? — Shawna Reid

Today on our blog we are featuring Shawna Reid aka Missmins11. Shawna is a business student, who keeps busy with her YouTube channel. On her channel Missmins11 shares her take on beauty and lifestyle. In this interview Shawna will be telling us all about herself and her favorite Indigena products. Featured image Tell us about yourself! I'm a 20 year old Business student who creates beauty and lifestyle videos on youtube on the side. Oh! Also, I am a local actor! What’s in your Indigena Stash?

My favourite is my Roobios tea cleanser. I can't live without it because it's the best product I've used for my face. I also have the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub and a couple bath soaks. The Bikini Babe Body Butter is also amazing! Indigena130325_007 (2)

What do you like about these products? The cleanser leaves my face looking lively and fresh and makes my skin feel soft. The sugar scrub exfoliates away all my dead skin. With tanning season coming up, it's perfect to get that beautiful soft baby skin. Use this with the body butter and a good soak and it's a spa in your home!  What does your daily beauty routine entail? I always have to wash my face first thing in the morning and apply a good moisturizer. I have a oily T-zone but have many dry area's this time of the year. My everyday makeup mostly just includes concealer, mascara, maybe some eyeliner and always a lippie! Simple but sweet! Does your beauty routine vary season to season? Of course! I think everyone's routine should adjust for the temperatures and changes in your skin. I like to keep the products that work best for me all year round present and adjust other products such as moisturizers for the dry winter or extra sunscreen with high SPF for summer! Do you have a star product you can’t live without? Definitely my cleanser! The Rooibos tea cleanser works better then anything I've ever tried and I feel good about using it since it's natural and locally made! Do you have any secret beauty tips + tricks? Always apply moisturizer fresh out of the shower, it'll sink in to the skin a lot better and become more effective. If you're running late always apply concealer and a bright lipstick! It may not seem like a lot but it'll make your face brighter and more full and distract from other areas. Anything we’d be surprised to hear about your beauty routine? I'm a big fan of homemade products. A lot of "Beauty guru's" don't like homemade products because they are inconvenient and sometimes expensive. I feel what we put on our bodies is worth investing time and money in too and it's nice knowing what really is going on my skin! One of the many reasons why I love Indigena! What is your desert island product you cannot live without? Lipstick, I've been obsessed with it since I was a child and I cannot live without my lippies! Be sure to check out all of Shawna's social media feeds YouTube Twitter Facebook
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