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Employee Profile: Hayleigh McGrath

Today’s Employee Profile features Hayleigh McGrath. Hayleigh is the Social Media & Marketing Manager at Indigena, but she seems to have her hand in a bit of everything.

wdw2014228109579098 Hayleigh and her family.

What sparked your interest in natural skincare? What first sparked my interest in natural skincare was actually Indigena. I was a contestant in the Miss Teen NL pageant back in 2012 and Indigena gave the contestants a presentation on how to care for your skin properly and why natural products are the best option. After hearing what Lisa had to say I was hooked, and of course trying the products only reassured me that I was making a better choice in choosing natural. When I moved into St. John's to go to university I contacted Lisa to see if she had a position available, thankfully she did and now I get to work with the Indigena team. Are there any interesting/surprising things in your beauty/skincare routine?   If you know me you know my beauty routine is quite simple; I hardly ever wear makeup and usually put my hair in a braid when it's wet then wear it curly. As for my skincare regimen I like to keep it simple, too many products complicate your life and who has time for that? Cleanse and moisturize everyday, exfoliate and mask weekly or as needed. What is your favourite product? How can you pick just one? It's impossible! However, one of the products that I have been obsessed with since I first tried it back in 2012 is the Labrador Tea Face Creme. Not only is it an anti-aging creme, it reduces redness, can be used as an eye creme, can be mixed with any of our masks for a more luxurious facial and it even helped heal my sunburnt lips. This creme can really do it all, we love multi purpose products at Indigena. Any New Products You’re Excited About? Anytime we are in the process of making a new product I always get excited. Last week I got to test one of our new serums that will be lunching as a part of our "Clearing Line" and I fell in love. It smells AH-Mazing and works like a charm! I can't wait for you all to try it! What are three things you can’t live without? 1. My family & friends 2. Lipbalm 3. Netflix (lol) Skincare secret: LOTS of water. I try and drink at least 2 liters of water a day, sometimes more. The water helps to flush out the toxins and keep my skin glowing. I am also really into Dry Brushing, and probably my most important skincare secret is making sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. What is one natural item (makeup and/or skincare) that you think everyone should own? Lipbalm! I am currently obsessed with our Partridgeberry Lipbalm and if you have tried it you will know why. It keeps my lips smooth without the burn or constant need to reapply.q

Some handpicked berries for our Partridgeberry Lipbalm

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