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5 Tips to improve aging skin, we promise!

LisaHow can we care for the skin to achieve a glowing complexion head to toe? People always ask me and our staff how we care daily for our complexion?We all have different routines, but we all have one commonality: a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, restful sleeping and moderate to intense exercise is the core of any healthy person's life. A happy body = A happy mind. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health and wellness and as we age, different things like work, the environment, eating habits, medications, environmental stressors, and lack of exercise all show up in the form of dull, lifeless looking skin. As a woman moves towards and enters menopause her body loses estrogen which is an integral building block for collagen. The skin loses density more quickly which makes you look tired. This routine is my ritual for keeping my skin in the best condition possible. I like my laugh lines and I feel so much more confident as I approach 50, but looking after your skin daily definitely helps!
  1. Give yourself a home spa facial that includes 2 cleanses and an exfoliating treatment (my summer fav is Land and Sea Exfoliant), followed by a 5 minutes massage with Apres Sport (multipurpose massage product), and then a Sea Veggie Masque to complete the treatment. Lastly, apply Emerald or Botanical Serum followed by either Labrador Tea and or Rose Petal Eye Creme.
  1. Start each day with a mug of hot water with a fresh lemon slice - its refreshing and cleansing to the skin as an organ. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
  1. Don't forget your lips, apply Partridgeberry or Smooch Lip Balm.  I have 2: 1 by my bedside to use evening time to rehydrate and treat my lips while I sleep and the other in my purse. Sometimes I apply it under my eyes if that area is noticeably dry.
** A great trick is to apply it under makeup as well to prevent caking of your foundation.
  1. Do a self massage daily from head to toe and stretch while you are doing it. Always massage upwards to promote circulation. Apes Sport is great! I use it as a facial and body moisturizer as well as a hair massage oil. Do this once per week and don't shower right away until the oils have absorbed into your skin. Occasionally I wait until the next morning.  Your skin will be so soft and clear!
  1. Eat your way to great skin by eating foods with good oils like Avocados, Olives, and oils for salads like Grapeseed and Extra Virgin cold pressed Olive. Other foods like Salmon, coconut water, and watermelon are beneficial to skin health. For an excellent reference to healthy eating check out Brazil's Guide.  It is the best global food reference there is!
XO Lisa

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