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Travel Tips

FullSizeRenderEvery time I go somewhere, I always learn something new or helpful about the travel process. Whether it be via car, plane, train, boat, bike…foot…there’s always room for a little tip here or there. Some may be old, and some may be new…but either way, here are some things I’ve learned on my recent travels that I wanted to share with you all. From saving a few dollars, being comfortable, and surviving along the way, may these tips serve you well on your next adventure!
  1. Keep all of your documents, passport, etc in a ziplock bag. It’s so much more manageable vs. digging through 5 different pockets for everything.
  1. Buy one of those pop-up foldable hampers from your local dollar store, you’ll thank me later!
  1. Take pictures of outfits that you pack to help mix and match them. This will help when you’re in a pinch and can’t remember how it fit or looked.
  1. Check the weather before you leave so that you pack accordingly, you might need a sweater on a chilly night!
  1. Use dust bags for your shoes so they don’t get your clothing dirty. If you don’t have dust bags you can always use shower caps.
  1. Remember to wear comfy loose clothes on a flight! I usually bring an oversized scarf, sweater and fuzzy socks.
  1. Bring a reusable water bottle with you everywhere. But, really, everywhere. The majority of airports have drinking fountains so it’s easy to fill up your bottle once you’ve moved beyond security. Plus that airport water is expensive! You can also fill up while traveling at cafes or restaurants, or ask for a pitcher of water with your room service.
  1. Invest in a luggage tag, not only are they cute but it makes spotting your suitcase on the conveyer belt a breeze. Oh and of course what they’re truly intended for would be a good reason as well…
  1. Make sure you’re chewing gum before the plane takes off, it helps with the ear popping!
  1. Drink plenty of water, bring some type of facial hydrating mask or mist and keep re-applying it throughout the flight.
We'd love to know: Do you have any travel tips to share? XO Kimberley

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