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Seasonal Skincare: Autumn

Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and with the change of season comes a change in skincare needs. The heat, sun, and chlorinated pools combined with the lazy days of summer (with a less-than-attentive skin routine) require a serious skin pick-me-up. If your skin starts feeling drier, flaky, or itchy during the colder months, the dry air, both inside and out, are probably to blame. Here is our guide to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy when weather takes a toll. Banish breakouts. The best way to manage post-summer breakouts is to incorporate a mask or serum into your current skin care regimen. Used several times a week, you’ll give your skin some extra needed moisture without the need to completely change out all your skincare products from summer. Take care of your lips. Flaky, chapped lips are more common at this time of year and may require some extra TLC.
Indigena_22_12_2013-10Remove dry, dead skin cells with a gentle lip exfoliant and follow up with a hydrating lip balm for super smooth lips. Re-assess your skincare routine. Ultimately, you should always protect your skin and supply it with beneficial ingredients to keep it healthy year-round. However, it’s also imperative to assess your skin on a regular basis to determine what effect the change of weather brings, and then adapt your skin-care routine as needed. We’d love to know: What products are you introducing into your fall skincare routine? xo Hayleigh

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