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Why use a serum?

Emerald SerumSerums mimic our own skin oils... if they have this ingredient - Jojoba. Jojoba is a fatty ester that is closest in texture to our own skin's lipids. As we age our skin loses density and texture. Our skin can lose up to 57% of its lipids as we age. Internal factors like menopause and external factors like the sun all contribute to your skin's aging prematurely. What are lipids? Lipids are the skin's natural oils locked within and between cellular membranes. They hold the skin together and are the pathways of communication between cells. Pretty important jobs if you ask me! Using targeted oils that promote cellular communication and enhance density and cohesion of the cellular structure in the skin's layers can increase cellular hydration. We recommend using Indigena's Emerald Serum, it has rare essential oils and its base is jojoba and rosehip. It deeply nourishes the skin, massage in for 2 to 3 minutes prior to bedtime for best results at night and before your moisturizer in the morning.IMG_3325

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