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A Quick & Easy Evening Skincare Routine

1175662_10152014628653054_1181215248_nLooking after your skin after a hectic day shouldn't feel like a task you would prefer to avoid. Here are a few easy tips to creating a routine that works for you. 1. Do not wait until bed time to cleanse and wash away the day. Its nice to cleanse early evening post dinner. It will re-vive you and your skin and in approximately 3 days you will notice a difference in the texture and smoothness. I use our Seaberry Soap when I want my skin to feel squeaky clean, I follow that with Rooibos Tea Cleanser, it does double duty as a make up remover and creamy cleanser. 2. Re-hydrate with liquid moisture, it is the fastest and easiest way to re-balance dehydrated skin no matter what the skin type and it prevents folliculitis (clogged irritated pores which often occur from shaving on the neck area). So for all you guys out there that need to prevent this here are 2 products that work. Land and Sea Healing Mist ( for problematic and aging skin) and Sea Mineral Mist ( all skin types ) Spritz on liberally and pat into the skin much like you would pat on aftershave. Yes ladies you need to do Lisathis too! ... but tap into skin with the cushion tips of your fingers. Tapping this gently into the skin allows more product to absorb. 3. The last step in my daily routine is massaging my skin upwards and outwards or downwards with both the  Labrador Tea Night Cream and Botanical Bliss Facial Serum. I find doing this early evening creates closure to the work day and its a little ritual you can do anywhere to instantly feel better. Xo Lisa

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