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Ban Maskne With These Tips For Clean Clear Beautiful Skin

Keeping skin clear and healthy is a challenge when wearing a mask at work or school all day. Here are some helpful tips on improving the health of your skin. Cleansing with the right texture and actives can help clear skin gently. We recommend a soapy jelly texture to thoroughly cleanse. Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser it gently sweeps away the day and calms with skin loving sea buckthorn berry and seed oils. It has a fresh pink grapefruit aroma that awakens the senses  
If you prefer an unscented cleanser, we have a soap bar that is a cult favorite in Newfoundland with our challenging fluctuating temperatures and our notoriously sensitive skin.
Cleansing with our plant based glycerin based Seabuckthorn Soap effectively cleans but does not strip the skin's microbiome. Seabuckthorn oil soothes and calms irritated sensitized skin, allowing skin to breathe even with your mask on. 
This bar comes in a resealable package and lasts 2 months or more and is available in a convenient 6 pack. Great for all skin types and is especially effective for sensitive and acne prone skin.
Exfoliating is also very important to keep skin clear and is essential to keep in your skincare routine when wearing a mask a lot. We recommend our Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, it is a face and body scrub that gently removes the day from your skin while leaving it nourished and moisturized. Mix a little in the palm of your hands with water and gently apply to face in circular motion until sugar dissolves, rinse off and you are left with nourishing plant oils so you can skip moisturizer if you use this morning or night.
Award Winning Scrub Best Health Magazine
LNE nomination for Best Body Exfoliant 2021
Think Dirty App rating of 0 which is the best natural skincare rating a natural product can receive. 
Hand made in small batches in Topsail NL by the Indigena mermaids.
Our lip balms are great for using anywhere on the skin... we find them especially effective as a night treatment on the areas that the elastic on your mask come in contact with your face and behind your ears. Our 100% natural formulas soothe and help heal dry irritated skin. Beeswax creates a natural barrier on the skin that is breathable. It will not clog pores.
To prevent pores from becoming clogged do not use vaseline or a petrochemical based lotion or cream on your skin , it blocks pores which creates problems like acne. Skin stops producing its own oils because it cannot get out of the follicles. This is not good for any skin type. The same goes for wearing a petrochemical based lip balm, it tricks your skin into thinking it is hydrated but causes more dryness, not to mention that oil and gas based mineral (paraffin) oils and vaseline like products are carcinogenic. We make natural skincare that is safe and it is way more effective then products with artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. 
Have a beautiful week beauties! If you have any questions or comments you can always reach me at Our next blog will feature several female powerhouse entrepreneurs who are changing things for the better in their communities and regions. 

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