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Kindness is Contagious

"Be kind", those 2 little words can bring so much peace to the world right now. I see so many people doing so many beautiful things to help others it truly touches my heart.  I am so looking forward to working soon with our little Indigena team, the ladies are positivity powerhouses! They are smart, friendly, happy and helpful young women and I miss them so much. 
The happy days of working together was amazing. They embody “kindness” on every level 🙂💞🙂 You never know how much of an impact you have on other people or they on you. All the women in my work and personal life have been so motivating and caring it has truly given me a fresh perspective on life. I'm not leaving the men out! Everyone in my circle is positive and caring, we just happen to be an all women team :-)

 Something so small as a smile, nodding your head Newfoundland style ;-) staying in touch with your loved ones via video, making something for someone whether it is a meal or a face mask or anything really... it all makes a difference.  Sending a card or letter in the mail is so nice too. I don't know about you, but it is so rare to receive a card it always delights me and I do a little happy dance every time! The countless  little acts of kindness from the heart touches so many other hearts and we all need lots of love in this crucial time.

Being kind to yourself is probably the hardest thing to do when you are experiencing stress of any kind. Here is one of my favorite websites that have great articles, online training and resources for health and wellness.  Some of those  articles have helped me through these times and motivated me to improve my lifestyle and mindset. I am definitely more thankful for everything from the country we live in to the healthcare system tackling Covid-19 in a responsible quick manner. 
Practicing self isolation is saving lives so we have to keep that up to protect everyone, especially our elders. Caring deeply is in our nature here in this place we call home.

We love helping people at Indigena, it is why this business exists. 
In line with our brand promise of helping people we want to share some tips for enhanced relaxation at home. It is all the little things that make us happy daily. 

1 Taking a bath reduces body stress measurably. Just the sound of running water can do that so imagine the calmness from a 15-20 minute bath. all our products improve feminine hygiene and health. No toxic ingredients found here 🛁 it is an escape to nature.

2 Self Body Massage the sense of touch calms us down, in these times self massage is super important. You are telling your body you respect and love it to the max. It is your mind’s home so it deserves to be treated like royalty.  You can use something so simple as a good grade oil with a few drops of essential oils. Most people like citrus aromas but you can also add a couple of drops of lavender with citrus to gain the relaxation benefits from the aromatherapy effects of lavender.

3 Face Masques brighten your skin and your mood!
cleanse away the day with our Blueberry, Charcoal or Vitamin C masques. Apply some oil serum afterwards to lock in moisture. Massage in for 5 minutes. Follow with a cream moisturizer to nourish the skin. This is especially important if you are a healthcare worker or someone who is wearing protective face masques all day.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your home time and keep your skin in tip top shape. 
Questions? You can email me at

Be well




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One thought on “Kindness is Contagious

  1. avatar Lynn O'Keefe says:

    What a fabulous, caring article Lisa!! You rock!!

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