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Celebrating Women Worldwide

When the inequities of the world are measured, no matter how the statistics are tallied they are stacked against women so dauntingly that we often find ourselves overwhelmed and helpless. Living in Canada and as a Newfoundlander I have felt the blunt of it as a woman and a business person. We live in a time where so much is possible for little girls to achieve their dreams but the roadblocks are there and systemic in many cases. Every woman has a story and her best life to live, the question is "how can we all help each other achieve that?"

I read an article last year from Memorial University its title was "Where Have all the Little Girls Gone?" the message was investors invest less in women than men even though women are more successful statistically in starting a business and growing it. I've pitched to investors, buyers and retailers, some were successful and some were not. At the end of the day if you want to move yourself and or your business forward you have to start educating yourself to make improvements personally and professionally. You are in control of your destiny.

Supporting women, being an example for my nieces and step daughter and helping women and children gives me hope that the future will be kinder to young girls as they go into the world to carve out their own lives successfully. Generations of women before us have worked so hard to give their families and communities a better life.

I have reflected so much on this since the US inauguration this week. I took the day to watch every moment of the historic event. I was so impressed with the feminine presence that will guide the USA over the next 4 years. Beautiful multi cultural women who are a beacon of hope for all women globally. 

With Kamala Harris stepping into her new role as Vice President of the USA, the highest ranking position a woman has ever held in office in the USA it gives hope and strength to women everywhere. Dr. Biden, Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton, JLO, Lady Gaga, the charismatic poet, Amanda Gorman and millions of women felt the adrenaline lift from January 20th, please God that will continue on all continents and in every country like a rock dropping into a still pond, creating positive waves outwards.

Every woman has moments in her life where other women have lifted them up , taught them lessons and started forging her own dreams. I think back to my mother, she was beautiful, hard working, funny and fiercely independent. She taught me independence and always preached "never depend on a man, stand on your own two feet" She was tougher on me than my brothers, always challenging me to become a strong woman. I am so thankful I worked with her as a teenager, I came to respect her as a woman first, then as my mother. She had a brilliant mind, was empathetic, had a super woman work ethic and a comedic personality that lifted everyone up that she came in contact with.

Think of the women in your life that have influenced you and made you a better person. Do they know they did that? 

The lessons continue for all of us... but the one thing that I remember from my Mom and her family is the strength of women working together. It does "take a village" as Gorman said in her poem, to raise a child and give them the support they need to become all they can be.

We had this in rural Newfoundland, we felt that love from our families and community everyday and that is why I think that so many from our family and rural NL in general have forged their own paths forward. Independent, funny, hard working innovating, peaceful and happy are the words I would describe many of my friends, family and Newfoundlanders & Labradorians. We all need more of this in our daily lives, in our communities, if we are to help each other be all we can be.

 I believe the power of positivity, consistency, education and visualization can change your reality. I am the dreamer. I am not saying it is going to be easy everyday or quick, but with dedication and purpose you can do whatever you want. Write down your plans and visit them weekly to reflect and adjust,  YOU can do it. That is my secret, I write all my dreams and goals down (since I was 13!) I still do it every week and it works. Looking back over them from years ago is great too.

I am so happy to see more women dream and achieve in this world. Wishing you many possibilities for your dreams and goals.



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