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Consciously Living To Consume Less

When I first decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle and become a minimalist it started out with me making really small changes in my daily routines. Buying less, getting outdoors more, gardening, removing as much plastic products from my daily living and re-purposing items instead of throwing them out. Donating clothing and household items to others and organizations. Living simply and consuming less is the most important decision I made to become a more conscious green consumer. I was 36, a spa and salon owner then, life was a whirlwind of business. When I decided to make a career change it was a shock to my system in every way. Switching careers in my mid thirties was not easy, the financial fallout was extreme, I had to learn to live on a lot less very quickly. Being sick all the time with lung infections was my main motivation. It was worth it, after making the decision to live a more healthy chemical free life I found the benefits of my new lifestyle far outweighed the alternative of staying in a career that was making me sick. 

I started doodling trying to come up with a name for my new business idea, I dreamt of starting a business that improved people's lives and helped the environment. I was on a journey of learning, taking all I knew from being a beauty expert, teacher, business owner and nature lover to create a business concept that promoted health, wellness, and that "less is more" in daily living.

It all started to take shape and I started making my beauty formulas minus the toxic ingredients that had made me sick. Simple formulas that had wholesome ingredients, healthy outcomes and were instantly effective.

Growing up in Bay de Verde was my inspiration in getting my life and business on track. Since 2009 Indigena has been researching and developing new formulas that are natural, antioxidant rich and cruelty free. Its been a beautiful journey overall, I love creating, promoting and living the concept of "green living"

I've made lots of decisions I am happy with and learned lots of lessons to make me and my little company better. It has taken almost 8 years to successfully launch in grocery in Atlantic Canada where we offer our Fresh Collection, a grouping of bath salts, lip balms, soap, oil serum, gift sets and sugar scrub. Affordable green luxuries for families that are on the same journey towards green that motivated me to start Indigena. Keeping themselves and their families healthy and getting closer to nature. Less toxins = Healthy Living. The skincare based products are available on our website primarily and in businesses locally that share my passion for green living and locally made. 

Earth Day is special it reminds us we a a tiny piece of a bigger whole but together we can change the world. We can make the world more healthy for our families, our children, our pets and ourselves. Little changes have the biggest impact when we band together for making changes. Earth Day was founded in 1970, you can check out the history of Earth Day here:


 So whatever your motivation is to live a better life, please join us in the quest for keeping our planet healthy for future generations. #consumeless #earthday #EarthPlay. 

Get out and enjoy yourself today, our world is beautiful place, explore and take in mother nature 

xoxo Lisa




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One thought on “Consciously Living To Consume Less

  1. avatar Libby says:

    Hi Lisa
    I really enjoyed reading your business timeline that birthed Indigena. I am a health nut myself and last summer I purchased the partridge berry lip balm at Gander info centre. I loved it and I was wondering if you are selling your product retail in the Stephenville area yet? I live in Kippens a neighbouring town to there.
    I am thrilled to hear you will be offering online purchases starting May 1. Congratulations on your vision to make our world and beauty products Ecco friendly.

    Libby Alexander

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