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Entering the Bliss Zone - Personal Choices Make a Difference.

Our daily lives are busy, our environments often times are challenging and we find it difficult to achieve personal balance. Choosing to live our lives more mindfully to make small and large decisions to achieve personal satisfaction seems to be the thing everyone is trying to improve upon. I want to share some of my experiences that have helped me find personal balance at home.

To achieve that personal balance I decided to live more minimalistic, that was 7 years ago now. Making that decision made my life less stressful. Doing simple things like not buying plastic containers, not using plastic bags ( though sometimes I still forget to take them with me to the grocery store and have to recycle ) Becoming more mindful of not buying things that I really don't need is always a challenge when I go shopping. I love magazines, decorative glass and all kinds of trinkets, over the years these things seem to multiply in my home! Now I ask myself 3 questions: "Do you really need this? Do you have a place for it? Will you still want it twenty years from now? If I have one "no" then I pass on the purchase. When I shop for clothing I buy less and stick with my personal style, I don't deviate from my "look" often unless I absolutely love the item I am purchasing. I always ask myself will I wear this alot?


When it comes to cosmetics and household purchases I only purchase cosmetics I cannot live without when they are almost empty, about once a year, four times for mascara, I never use old mascara because it can cause eye infections. I make my own household cleaners, it is so easy to make countertop and floor cleaner I usually mix up the little bits of glycerin and the left over liquids from my manufacturing and add an essential oil I love, right now it is a 5 blend lemon. It is non-toxic, safe on the skin, makes my floors and counters sparkling clean with a nice sheen. If you have products you don't like for whatever reason repurpose them. Glass cleaner is simple to make too, I use vinegar and witch hazel mixed with water and a little lavender water. I distill lavender in the summer when the plant starts to bloom but not in blossom. This year I didn't distill lavender but I managed to pick alot to do it in the winter.

There are so many easy ways to avoid toxic chemicals in glass cleaners, you can also use fine microfibre cloths and simply wet them to get a streak free clean on mirrors and windows. I buy mine at Pipers, I can't remember the name of them but they are inexpensive and save your lungs from all the nasty stuff in spray cleaners or if you are not a fan of the smell of vinegar. I use both ;-)

All these little things I now do make me feel better about my home, it is a more healthy place to live, it reflects my style more now than ever and I enjoy my home more. 

To maintain balance there is a "Never Bring Home" list. It took a while for my family to understand not to bring me things that I couldn't use because my lungs are fragile after my Hairstyling years. Here is my NO LIST:

No aerosols of any kind

No chemical based cleaners

No chemical based personal care products

Nothing with an artificial fragrance in it, all I can say is when you choose to remove fragrance from your house and your cosmetics your health will improve immediately especially if you have sensitivity issues with your skin or lungs. I only use certified 100% essential oils and whenever anyone visits my home the first comment is "It smells so good here!"

No fragrance candles

Unscented detergent for sensitive skin and I buy unscented dryer sheets. I have just found a recipe for laundry detergent so I will share that in a future blog if it works out well. You can also use wool balls  in the dryer to combat static. sells them online but they can easily be made at home too. 

My skin is super sensitive to fragrance and chemical preservatives so I need to be careful when trying new things. 

I don't buy from companies that animal test, sometimes it is not on their labels but I do due diligence to make sure I am not hurting innocent animals with my purchasing. Indigena is proudly a Cruelty Free Company and has been since day one.

I don't buy products made from animals either. That rules out a lot of brands, but it doesnt mean you have to compromise on style. I have a leather look knapsack that is so pretty, I love it and I always get comments on it. You do not have to spend a fortune to have lovely cruelty free clothing, accessories or furniture. If that is important to you then don't compromise and let your loved ones know not to buy things you no longer use.

I do like using unscented beeswax and soy candles, LED colored lights, my diffuser, a Pink Himalyian Salt lamp and lots of green plants. I don't miss any of the No list items. As a consumer I am more aware of the choices out there but more importantly my values and lifestyle have shaped Indigena into the company it is today. I am proud of the products we hand craft for clients who are discerning and appreciate quality natural skincare. Thank you for being on this journey with us for promoting toxic free, safe skincare that is affordable and effective. 

Choosing to spend your money more mindfully empowers you and one purchase at a time you are changing the world to be a little better :-) but most of all you will be looking after you and finding that bliss zone you crave and need. Develop your own list of things you want to do, have a NO list and start feeling better in your daily life.

Life is all about the little things ...


















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