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Exciting news from our Chief Mermaid!

Hi everyone, I want to begin by saying a massive thank you to all for supporting Indigena for so many years! The impact we continue to make with the healing beauty products we create is everything to us.

There is exciting news about Indigena that I want to share personally with you.

We have spent a great deal of time and love bringing something special to life. Our commitment to providing 100% natural skincare products is stronger than ever, and to prove it, I will be revealing exciting new products, new packaging, and a new look in the days ahead.

On June 24th, we will be attending the first-ever virtual trade show hosted by Food & Beverage Atlantic. Indigena is the only Atlantic Canadian ‘Personal Care’ brand invited exhibit and that makes us very proud.

I’ll also be giving a sneak peek of our new packaging for buyers who have the power to help a company from right here connect to more people who deserve truly natural skincare! Rest assured that our Indigena community (which includes each and every beautiful customer) will be the first to know when we fully launch our exciting new look and feel!

Stay tuned, 

Xox, Lisa 

sneak peak

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