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Formulating Natural Skincare at the Beach House


Of all the products I formulate, I am always intrigued with the power of plant based ingredients (oils, from carrier oils to essential oils that are natural, organic and wildcrafted). Today I want to talk about where, how and why we formulate. It is always great to share the “how, where and why” we do what we do! ;-)

Hi, I’m Lisa, the owner of Indigena and I have been formulating natural products for over 30 years. It began in my grandmother’s kitchen with my nan (Mom Noonan) and my Aunt Sheila.

When I started Indigena it was a mission of love and self care to make the best possible products that not only did not harm my face and body but would improve my health overall.

Using wild and organic ingredients has always been my thing but after many lung infections as a Hair Stylist and Salon owner I knew I had to make a permanent change to my lifestyle, my career had cost me my health. So after teaching Esthetics at Academy Canada and College of the North Atlantic for for 7 years I became self employed again... armed with the holistic knowledge and experience I had spent gathering and learning over my career in the beauty business. It was time to create, innovate and educate the world on the benefits of natural skincare.

Fast forward to Topsail 2018, I spent the day in the lab making Bayman Beard Oil, Emerald Serum and Moisture Melt, 3 of our 6 serums I hand craft in my dream home by the sea ( It is a humble abode but I love the views). Here in Newfoundland, surrounded by the North Atlantic it is so beautiful to be able to look out your window and see the waves crashing, the birds flying by… everyday is like a scene out of National Geographic. Its where I belong, where I love to create.

Creating our products took years of formulating, people testing, research and patience. You make a new formula and it takes sometimes years before we reveal her to the world. That is the hardest part, the wait. We determine which skin type the formula works best with and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback of our testers. It all comes back to how a product makes you feel, its texture, the aroma, it has a little magic in it that seduces the senses. If a product is to make the cut to end up in an esteemed customers hands it has to have it all. To me it is very important that the product is amazingly effective. These are the rules that guide me in my thoughts and in the lab. 

Our Bi-Phasic Serum Duo which took the longest to formulate as we did a huge amount of research on the anti-aging benefits of indigenous extract blends was my favourite to work on. Finally and successfully we determined that 3 compounds found in one extract blend that exponentially increased the antioxidant capabilities of the formula.

This blend can be found in our Labrador Tea Night Cream too and over the next year it is being incorporated into all our “Glowing” ( Anti-aging skin care formulas).

We will be delivering a “Serum Blog Series” explaining the benefits of plant based ingredients, primarily focusing on indigenous extracts, northern boreal botanicals and the synergy they create in our serum formulas. To compliment the blog series we will be hosting events at Indigena to try the serums and other Indigena creations. Check our Shop for Event tickets and our FB page has them listed as well ;-)

Join our email list to automatically receive our blog or visit us at to see what is new on the blog weekly. Have a beautiful day.

XO Your Natural Beauty Expert, Lisa 


Questions? Email Lisa at Book a consult with Lisa by sending your picture and skincare concerns to the above email.

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One thought on “Formulating Natural Skincare at the Beach House

  1. avatar Kathy Breen says:

    Love the Labrador tea day and night creams. Will look forward to try the Glowing line of products

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