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Happy Earth Day!

The landscape right now in in Topsail Conception Bay South Newfoundland looks like a natural version of crystal chandeliers, everywhere is covered in glitter. Spring is always late in Newfoundland and our summers are much shorter than most places I think that is why we make the most of every ray of sunshine. Living here you really have to enjoy all seasons, nature determines the way you plan your day. It is a calming feeling knowing that nature really is our boss and if you accept living in harmony with the seasons life is so much more fun and safe overall. I love the ruggedness of the landscape and mother nature is so good to us, with spring comes fresh land and sea botanicals and as soon as that happens I am out the door early morning collecting flowers, plants, leaves and anything from nature that catches my eye for making my own dried boreal florals to naturally scent my home and office.

Happy Earth Day to all, here at Indigena we celebrate Earth Day everyday it is our lifestyle, the way I was raised and choose to live. My grandmother would always say "waste not want not" maintaining a "less is more" minimalist lifestyle is better for all of us especially businesses because reducing waste keeps our earth healthy for future generations. It all starts with the conscious efforts of your family making small decisions that make a big impact on you, your children and the world. 

Lisa with her family in Bay de Verde in the 70's

One of my favourite pastimes is berry picking. My brother Barry and I decided one year to pick enough berries to sell so we could buy our mother a Dryer for winter, though she still used the clothesline all summer long and late into the Fall. We had barrels of berries lined up outside our house it was a great feeling to do that. The fresh air on the barrens is crisp and clean and you can still dip your cup in a pond for clean water, not many places in the world you can still do that. In the picture below we are just back from berry picking and have the partridgeberries laid out to let them ripen more.

At Indigena we hand pick a lot of our botanicals partridgeberries, blueberries, bakeapples (cloudberries) Labrador Tea, wild roses, Red clover and the list is endless. We collect all year round but the Spring Summer and Fall are the busiest times for foraging. My favourite times to collect is early Fall, the air is cooler and the berries are ripe. Below is Shining Rose, we collect these in summer early sunrise to noon while the dew is still on them. We usually have a boil up with freshly made bread and jam toast :-)


Once we collect our botanicals we then extract their goodness to infuse in our natural skincare. There are many ways to extract and over the years we have perfected our own proprietary processes that work best for boreal plants in our formulas.

Nature is our pharmacy, our roots, our home.

As we grow our business we are still a small business that has a small carbon footprint. We are an eco friendly business and we support sustainable botanical harvesters. Its important to us to choose ingredients that are non toxic, food grade,cruelty free, non gmo natural and organic.  

Thank you for all you do to support small companies like us who are committed to making the world a better place and protecting our natural resources. 

We believe:

It is important to choose local as much as possible

To use ingredients that have traceability that do not choose animal testing or child labor

To use food grade ingredients, non gmo and wild indigenous boreal plants to provide the highest quality skincare possible

Nature is beautiful and uplifts our mind, spirit and body

Smiles and being happy is the best anti aging ingredient. 

Having fun is never a waste of time

Our Brand Promise:

Indigena is experiential,connecting customers to nature through its handpicked, artisanal hand crafted skincare with healthy natural ingredients that leave skin clear, calm and glowing.                        

Indigena - The art and science of natural skincare



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